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How to Build a Successful Email List on WordPress


Do you want to start an email marketing campaign? Learn how to build successful email lists with WordPress.

How to Choose and Buy a Successful Domain


Are you buying a new domain for your new website? We’ll help you choose and get it!

How to Ensure Your Remote Employees’ Cybersecurity


Remote work saves both employees’ and employers’ resources but you can be careful because unintentional data leaks can cost you much more. Here’s how you protect your remote employees from cyber attacks.

How to Become a Freelance Website Creator Without Coding


Back in the days being a web developer sounded really cool. It meant you were pretty much the cool guy who could code and create beautiful and functional websites. Nowadays? Not so much anymore. I don’t mean to underestimate the role of website creators or anything. I’m just saying these days you cannot assume coding knowledge to be standing behind the cool website that you just saw online. Okay, no need for a dramatic “our whole life has been a lie” sigh. Why not take a look at the situation from the positive angle. This basically means that you can pretty much become a freelance website creator and you do not even need to know how to code. Yes, I DO completely understand what I just said. Want me to prove? No problem at all. Let’s get started. What exactly do you need to become a freelance website creator? To…

Where Should You Store Your WP Website Backup Files?


Are you sure you know where to store your WP website Backup files? Explore this article and know where exactly it’s better to store your WP website backup files.

Meet the Most Reliable Backup Service For WordPress Websites


There are numerous WP Backup services in the world. Find out which one is the most reliable WordPress backup solution for your business.

Medium VS WordPress: Where to Start a Blog


Wondering where to start your own blog on Medium or WordPress 📝? Explore the basic differences between medium and WordPress.

How to Build a WordPress Business Website in 5 Easy Steps


Does your business need a website? Learn how to effectively build a WP business website by just following these 5 easy steps!

10 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Team


Creativity, no doubt, makes life more exciting and worthwhile but what’s its business value? Sure, companies in certain fields – marketing agencies, publishing companies, movie production studios, etc. – already know the answer to this question, but the truth is, creativity goes hand in hand with innovation and success in every industry. Especially in the modern AI-driven world, an employee’s ability to look for new ways to approach tasks and implement creative solutions becomes increasingly important. Is your team stuck doing what they’ve always done in the way things have always been done? Try these 10 proven methods for fostering creativity in the workplace and achieve a definite competitive advantage along with an increase in employee satisfaction. What is creativity anyway? Creativity, when it comes down to it, is a clash, a combination of frameworks, ideas, and tidbits. This definition first appeared in “The Act of Creation” by Arthur Koestler….


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