Gayane Vardanyan

Gayane Vardanyan

Majoring in Computer Science and having a creative soul of a poet, Gayane found her balance as a content writer at 10Web, where she mainly creates articles about technology, WordPress, marketing, business, publishing, photography and blogging success. Photography, literature and music are her biggest passions.
10 steps to make your website faster

10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

7 Min Read

10 working ways for making your website much faster, from caching to CDN, from choosing the right host to Image Optimization.

A Beginner's Guide to Setting Up WordPress Backups

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up WordPress Backups

4 Min Read

Backup, backup, backup!!! You’ll endlessly hear this word when it comes to website maintenance and that makes a lot of sense. In the end, when you build something, whether physical or virtual, you need to find means to making it last. Backup is the process of regularly creating copies of your website and its content to protect it. If you’re…

Which WordPress files should you backup

Which WordPress Files Should You Backup and Why?

4 Min Read

Which files are there present in your WordPress website and which ones should you backup ⏱️? Know the advantages 💪 that 10Web backup service provides.

email deliverability issu

How to Fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue

3 Min Read

WordPress websites might run several issues with email delivery. Here is how you can fix those.

configure Gmail as third party email provider

Configuring Gmail SMTP on Your WordPress Website

5 Min Read

Find out how to configure Gmail 📧 as a third party email provider to enhance the email delivery of your WordPress website – 10Web Blog.

Which WordPress files should you backup and Why

Configuring Sendgrid SMTP on Your WordPress Website

5 Min Read

What is Sendrid? How can it be used as a third party email provider? How do you configure it with the aim of sending emails from your WordPress website?


How to Install SSL and Enable HTTPS

4 Min Read

What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS 🤔? How is https supported? How do you enable https 🔒 with your 10Web dashboard?

10 tricks to drive more clients to your photography business

10 Quick Tricks to Drive More Clients to Your Photography Business

8 Min Read

Having talent alone doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have millions of clients 🤔. Here are 10 tricks to drive more clients to your photography 📷 business.

website speed

Website Speed: How it Impacts Your Traffic & Conversions

6 Min Read

Speed /spi:d/ (n.) the rate at which someone or something moves or operates or is able to move or operate. It a drag having to wait for a month to receive a letter from your lover or traveling 3 hours to get somewhere to have your fancy dinner. That’s why speed is considered one of the most important criteria when…

what can i get from 10web

What Can I Get from 10Web?

10 Min Read

Get to know the 10 components of 10Web and the list of the main benefits you’ll get with the company.

WP backup

What’s the Ideal Backup Schedule for Your WordPress Website?

6 Min Read

While having a website opens up a lot of doors, it’s also connected with a series of risks, data loss being one of the biggest ones. A Hubspot study has shown that 20% of the companies that have experienced website data loss…

WP photography website banner

Benefits of Creating a Website for Your Photography Business

8 Min Read

If we start a debate about what photography is, we’ll most likely come to nothing. The artists will say it’s a form of art. The activists will claim it’s a means of protest. Your mom will probably assure you it’s all about keeping memories alive. Ed Sheeran will basically agree with her. Businessmen will state it’s a way to advertise…