Rebecca Ohanes

Rebecca Ohanes

Rebecca Ohanes is a content writer at 10Web. She’s a part-time PhD student and a full-time WordPress enthusiast. As an act of goodwill, she refrains from giving a humorous or ironic description of herself. You’re welcome!

Introducing the 10Web WordPress Hosting: Fastest Hosting That’s Fully Automated

17 Min Read

Your WordPress hosting can make or break your venture. It is the foundation of your website, and without a strong foundation, you cannot build a stable and successful website or business. Choosing a hosting is no easy feat. The hosting you select will have a huge impact on your website performance and user experience.  10Web is a powerful, reliable, and…

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3 Types of SSL Certificates Explained by 10Web

8 Min Read

This article is here to provide you an overview of the types of SSL certificates you can use for your website. The reasons behind this are very clear: One, in this time and age cybersecurity awareness has been rapidly increasing. People are very well aware of the fact that they might be targeted by hackers at any time, which in…

Browser with a security and wordpress logo on it, next to it says: how to secure wordpress site in 6 simple steps

How to Secure WordPress Site in 6 Simple Steps

18 Min Read

How to secure your WordPress site is an essential question, especially in the times of GDPR. Every website owner has the responsibility to guarantee that his or her website visitors have a secure browsing experience without having to worry about the protection of their personal information. In the age of cyber technology, hacker attacks have evolved and matured with the…

Titled '5 best cheap hosting providers in 2020' next to it a server hovers above a hand

5 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers in 2022

18 Min Read

It is a commonly held misconception that managed hosting services are expensive. This article is here to debunk this myth by sharing with you our top 5 cheapest WordPress hosting providers that simultaneously offer high-quality services. When it comes to hosting services, people usually automatically choose shared hosting because they believe that it’s the cheapest and only WordPress hosting option…

Over yellow background, white text says "How to improve Google ranking in 2021"

How to Improve Google Ranking in 2022

12 Min Read

Before dealing with the question of how to improve Google ranking, let’s start by asking why you should improve your ranking, to begin with. That you’re reading this article indicates that you already have a good idea about the importance of search engines for increasing the visibility of your website. And rightly so: According to recent studies, about 93 percent…