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A Brief SEO Guide for WordPress Bloggers


Looking to increase the number of your WordPress blog readers and reach out to everyone who’s interested? Here is a guide to help you learn the basics.

10 Quick Tricks to Drive More Clients to Your Photography Business


If you think Mario Testino gained his fame the moment he started shooting, you’re wrong. If you think his success is built on just his natural talent and “photographer’s eye,” you’re wrong again. If you lack talent, your amazing Nikon won’t do the trick for you, but having talent alone doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have a busy schedule and millions of clients.So, you’ll ask, what are the factors, besides my diabolical talent, that can bring me popularity? Let’s discuss the top 10 secret mechanisms for attaining more clients. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone else..․ 1. Have a professional website: I know you’re sick of hearing it but you keep hearing advice about having a website because you kind of really should have a website. It’s means of showcasing your work to the public, demonstrating your ability, proving that you’re the photographer they’ve all been looking for. It’s a place to…

Blog or Online Magazine: Which One’s Yours?


Set your priorities and decide whether your new WordPress publication is a blog or a magazine. This article will help you find the key differences between blogs and online magazines and give the right name to your website.

How to Promote Your Book Before You Even Write It


So, how should you use the web to establish and grow your readership? Cinderella is actually a story about a novice writer who, after a series of failed trials, stumbles upon a great publisher. Suddenly, the book is on everyone’s shelves and the already-bestselling writer is distributing autographs on every city step. Yeah, those fairy tales are really appealing and even motivating but what about snapping back to reality? The grey reality is that famous promoters don’t usually wander the streets accidentally crashing into talents. Nowadays it’s all about releasing your book to an already existing online readership. Of course, it may well be that you’re one of the luckiest people in the world, but it usually pays to put trust in the power of taking control of one’s life. You know, just in case. So let’s go ahead and discuss the easy steps and measures that one should undertake…


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