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Cloud Computing: Elasticity and Scalability


Scalability vs elasticity, horizontal vs vertical scaling, how do they work? Which one’s better for your website? Explore the main basics and find out.

Visitor and Storage Overages on 10Web: What Happens When You Exceed Your Plan’s Limits


Elastic scaling allows you to keep your website live when you exceed your hosting limits. Here’s how.

What Everyone Should Know about Website Cache


What is cache, why you need it and how to use it: a brief summary.

How Do I Install a Website on 10Web


Install a new website on 10Web to start using our services, including premium hosting, intuitive website builder, SEO, speed optimization, and many more.

What Can I Get from 10Web?


Get to know the 10 components of 10Web and the list of the main benefits you’ll get with the company.

What’s the Ideal Backup Schedule for Your WordPress Website?


While having a website opens up a lot of doors, it’s also connected with a series of risks, data loss being one of the biggest ones. A Hubspot study has shown that 20% of the companies that have experienced website data loss…

Product Update: New Pricing Scheme and Features


We have some major good news! A lot of stuff regarding pricing scheme and features has been updated. Let me walk you through the changes. New 10Web Pricing Scheme Since we offer most anything you could ask for in a website – hosting to website builder, plugins to backup service, SEO to high class security – we attract a great diversity of customers with their unique needs. Now our pricing scheme fits the mold, too, offering something for everyone. We have three main plans and all of them come with a free one-month trial! Let’s discuss each one in more detail. Personal This plan is perfect for bloggers and small business owners and includes everything for a smooth and exciting start with website-making. After your trial ends, you’ll be charged $12.5/month or $10/month if you pay for a whole year in advance for one website hosted safely on Google Cloud,…

Product Update: New Dashboard Features, SEO and Performance Services Released


We have some good news to present to you! This update touches upon 10Web team’s main releases in the recent weeks. We added SEO and Performance, two new services, to the dashboard, as well as developed a cool new feature to connect a site to the dashboard in one click. Our team also managed a huge amount of work and released major updates of Photo Gallery and Google Analytics plugins. 1. New Dashboard Features Connect site in one click 10Web dashboard is a unified tool to manage all your WP sites. It saves you time by helping maintain and control multiple sites from one place. Thanks to it you can backup/restore site data, manage plugins/themes and optimize images with incredible ease. Until now, in order to add a website to the dashboard, users needed to download 10Web manager plugin, install it on the WP site, and log in to dashboard from the…


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