How Do I Install a Website on 10Web


10Web is a platform created for you to easily build, host and manage your WordPress website. It takes just an hour to build a WordPress website with all the essential components (here’s how it’s done).

Now let’s learn how to install a new website on 10Web.

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When you login to your dashboard on, adding a website is your first step. Click on the ➕ icon on your left-hand menu.

You’ll skip this step if you’re new to 10Web and don’t have any other website on your dashboard yet.

Step 1: Select “Install a new website”

You’re offered 3 options here:

  • Install a new website — start creating a website from scratch.
  • Connect website — start managing your website through 10Web while it’s hosted elsewhere.
  • Migrate — move your existing website to 10Web hosting.

Select the first option and click NEXT.

Step 2: Pick a subdomain

All 10Web users get subdomains with

Enter your new subdomain in the first line.

Then enter your domain if you have one or skip and add it anytime later.

Select the datacenter location closest to your target audience’s location for faster access to your site.

Step 3: Provide the primary information to install WordPress

Enter your new website title, then choose a username and a password for logging into WordPress later.

After you press INSTALL, it might take a few minutes to get your new website ready.

And then it’s done. You now have a basic WordPress website with endless customization options.

Next thing you might want to do is pointing your primary domain to 10Web. Learn how to do it here.

If you have any questions regarding 10Web services or WordPress, our customer care will happily assist you.

Ani Barseghyan
Ani Barseghyan
Ani has been using WordPress for years, and now she gets to write about the solutions she's been looking for. Most of all, Ani enjoys writing about blogs and publishing.

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