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So, you already have a WordPress website hosted elsewhere but 10Web’s cloud hosting looks better and you want to migrate.

Migration is the process of transferring a website from one host to another.

This process is exhausting when done manually: you will have to use additional software for file transfer and database editing. And when you finish it, a single lost or misplaced file can take your website down and cause a lot of trouble.

10Web has a perfect solution for you: automated migration.

Automated migration gives the privilege of transferring your website to 10Web’s hosting with a few clicks.
Do note that it’s always recommended to backup your website before migrating; you can do it right from 10Web dashboard if you’re already connected to 10Web with your current hosting.

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Now let’s see how you perform automated migration with 10Web.

Step 1

Add a new website first.

Whether you are connecting your website, connecting it to 10Web or starting from scratch, you begin with the ➕ icon on the left.

Step 2

Select “Migrate” in the popup that opens.

Step 3

Enter your website URL and WordPress admin credentials. Make sure that the admin user has full permissions so that 10Web can access your database.

THAT’S IT! Wait a few minutes and your website will be hosted by 10Web.

What if the automated migration fails

There can be cases when automated migration fails. This mostly happens when the user that you gave has limited permissions. In such cases, 10Web’s customer care team will migrate your website manually for you without additional charges. Just follow these steps:

1. Indicate your current hosting type

Indicate how you access your database. If you’re dealing with it for the first time, ask the person who has established the connection with your hosting server.

2. Enter your hosting panel credentials

Tell us how you access your database so we can log in and migrate your website manually.

Our manual migration can take a little longer, up to 24 hours.

Are you still hesitating whether to migrate your website to 10Web or not? Check out this review first; it might help.

If you have any other questions regarding automated website migration, contact us or leave a comment below.

Ani Barseghyan
Ani Barseghyan
Ani is a content strategist and writer at 10Web. She's been managing WordPress websites since 2011. Ani believes in user-centric content, Oxford comma, and avocado burgers. Read Ani's articles if you're interested in content marketing, SEO, and everything WordPress.

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