How Do I Migrate My WordPress Website to 10Web


So, you already have a WordPress website hosted elsewhere but 10Web’s managed hosting looks better and you want to migrate.

Migration is the process of transferring a website from one host to another.

This process is exhausting when done manually: you will have to use additional software for file transfer and database editing. And when you finish it, a single lost or misplaced file can take your website down and cause a lot of trouble.

10Web has a perfect solution for you: automated migration.

Automated migration gives the privilege of transferring your website to 10Web’s hosting with a few clicks.

All you need to do is click a button to copy your website to 10Web, then point your domain’s nameservers here.

Now let’s see how you perform automated migration with 10Web.

First off, connect your website to 10Web. Here’s how.

Then, back on your 10Web dashboard, click “Speed Up Your Website” at the top of your left menu bar.

Copy website to 10Web

You’ll see the top reasons why 10Web Hosting is the best choice for your website.

Then scroll down a bit and click “Copy My Website”.

Copy website to 10Web

Now pick a subdomain or enter your primary domain if you already have one. And select one of the 8 data centers that’s the closest to your target audience’s location.

Copy website to 10Web

Wait a minute…

Migrate website to 10Web

That’s it. Now you have a copy of your website on 10Web.

Website copied to 10Web

The only thing left to do is pointing your domain to 10Web. Here’s how.

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Ani Barseghyan
Ani Barseghyan
Ani is a content strategist and writer at 10Web. She's been managing WordPress websites since 2011. Ani believes in user-centric content, Oxford comma, and avocado burgers. Read Ani's articles if you're interested in content marketing, SEO, and everything WordPress. You can always have a chat with Ani in our WordPress Family Facebook community.

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