How to Connect Your Website to 10Web

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10Web dashboard is a great tool for website management even if you already have a WordPress website hosted elsewhere.

This is how to go about connecting your website to 10Web dashboard.

Getting an account

The first step, if you don’t have an account just yet, is to register here.

10Web platform pricing

Then you need to click “Choose” and input your information in the “Set up your account” page.

purchasing a 10Web plan

Make sure to check the “Terms and Privacy” agreement box and click “Secure checkout.”

Now you have an account and will be redirected to your 10Web dashboard.

Connecting your website

Keep in mind that the option of connecting your website is for the case when you already have a website hosted elsewhere and want to connect to manage it through 10Web dashboard.

Pick “Connect website” from the two available options and click “Next.”

Screenshot of connecting a website to 10Web dashboard

You’ll see 3-step instructions on how to proceed. Let’s follow them.

Firstly, you need to log into your WordPress dashboard, click “Plugins” and then “Add new:”

Write in “10Web Manager” and, after you’ve found it, click “Install now:”

After you’ve activated it, click “10Web Manager” from the left side menu:

First page after installing 10Web Manager

Then click “Connect” and you’re done! You will now be redirected to your 10Web dash and can start managing your website.

10Web dashboard text after connecting a website
That’s it!

Ran into an issue connecting your website? Leave us a comment or drop us a line.

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