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Why Optimizing Images is Vital for your WordPress Website

Why Optimizing Images Is Vital for Your WordPress Website


Here’s how and why image optimization 📸 is vital for a WordPress website. From lossless compression to image SEO, everything is explained in detail.

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

Top 10 Reasons Why WordPress.org Is Better Than WordPress.com


Wondering what’s the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com? Here are the top 10 reasons why WordPress.org is better than WordPress.com.

What to Do When Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked


Is your website hacked or do you just want a plan B for the future? With this article, you’ll be prepared.

A Brief History of WP Vulnerabilities_ the Biggest Attacks 2

A Brief History of WP Vulnerabilities: the Biggest Attacks


WordPress is never secure unless you make is so. Here’s the history of hacker attacks on WordPress websites since 2007.

choose wordpress web hosting

Web Hosting for WordPress: Which Hosting Type to Choose


Shared hosting Managed hosting Cloud hosting Dedicated hosting Managed WordPress Hosting VS Shared Hosting Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting for WordPress WordPress Hosting FAQs Choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress website is a major decision in the process of your website creation. It’s incredible how much of your success depends on hosting: website performance, security, its downtime, even Google rankings, and so much more. But here comes a question: is WordPress hosting any different than any other generic hosting? Yes, it is. You can choose a generic one for your WordPress site as well, but specialized web hosting for WordPress will give you a better experience by making WordPress installation easier, being compatible with all software you might need, and offering more perks. But let’s keep the details for later and get back to the hosting market. Today’s market of web hosting providers is too…

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Content Management

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Content Management


Learn the basics of WordPress content management to better organize your website content. Get ready to publish your first post on WordPress.

10 Most Common WordPress Blog Mistakes to Avoid

10 Most Common WordPress Blogging Mistakes to Avoid


Wanna know what are some typical mistakes most WordPress bloggers make? Here is a list of very common mistakes you don’t wanna make while WordPress blogging.

How to Ensure Your Remote Employees' Cybersecurity

How to Ensure Your Remote Employees’ Cybersecurity


Remote work saves both employees’ and employers’ resources but you can be careful because unintentional data leaks can cost you much more. Here’s how you protect your remote employees from cyber attacks.

Masterlist of 40+ Podcasts Every Startuper Should Listen To

Masterlist of 40+ Podcasts Every Startuper Should Listen To


Podcasting is a thriving industry with over $700 million in ad revenues that gets more and more popular every day. Thanks to constant evolution and experimentation, podcasts not only get more interesting, diverse, and informative, but also develop niches and specializations and attract more international audiences. Podcasts in the “Business” category are no exception. Moreover, if you’re a startuper, the podcast format is even more relevant: you’re probably already always thinking of ways to shape, grow, and market your business. Why don’t you make your commute or daily mechanical chores more productive by quite literally lending an ear to one of the podcasts on below? We’ve created this categorized masterlist of the 40+ best podcasts to which every startuper should listen in 2020 to help you navigate the ever-growing world of business podcasting, finding new knowledge and inspiration along the way. Let’s dive in! Entrepreneurship & Business HBR IdeaCast This…

10 Content Types to Boost Your Traffic

10 Content Types to Boost Your Traffic


These are the 10 content types that will boost your traffic majorly. Using these 👉 10 content types will help you drive excessive traffic to your website 👍.


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