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Squarespace or WordPress: Which Platform Should You Choose?


Want to know to choose Squarespace or WordPress 🤔? Here’s the full comparison đź‘Ť of the two platforms – Squarespace or WordPress.

How to Choose and Buy a Successful Domain - 10Web

How to Choose and Buy a Successful Domain


Are you buying a new domain for your new website? We’ll help you choose and get it!


How to Choose Trustworthy Plugins for Your Website


Do you find it difficult searching and identifying WordPress plugins that you can trust? Here’s is how to choose trustworthy plugins for your website.

Tips for choosing the best WordPress hosting

5 Tips for Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting


Have you ever wondered how to choose the best WordPress hosting? The answer is here! Explore the top 5 tips for choosing the best WordPress hosting in 2019.


10 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Team


Creativity, no doubt, makes life more exciting and worthwhile but what’s its business value? Sure, companies in certain fields – marketing agencies, publishing companies, movie production studios, etc. – already know the answer to this question, but the truth is, creativity goes hand in hand with innovation and success in every industry. Especially in the modern AI-driven world, an employee’s ability to look for new ways to approach tasks and implement creative solutions becomes increasingly important. Is your team stuck doing what they’ve always done in the way things have always been done? Try these 10 proven methods for fostering creativity in the workplace and achieve a definite competitive advantage along with an increase in employee satisfaction. What is creativity anyway? Creativity, when it comes down to it, is a clash, a combination of frameworks, ideas, and tidbits. This definition first appeared in “The Act of Creation” by Arthur Koestler….

Schema Markup: How It Can Boost Your Traffic and ROI

Schema Markup: How It Can Boost Your Traffic and ROI


Schema markup is a crucial part of technical SEO. It helps search crawlers identify thousands of data types and offer the best search results to the users. Both search engines and their users love it when you help them skim your pages and understand if you can offer what they want. That’s why schema markup can immensely increase your pages’ traffic and conversions. Today we’ll talk all about implementing schema and reaping its results. What Is Schema Markup? If you don’t know what schema markup is, just enter a search query on Google and compare the search results. Some of them have the publication date included, some have a five-star rating system in the preview. Prices, images, authors, links to related pages—you can see it all thanks to schema markup. But before getting into the details, let’s clarify a couple of terms. Schema markup is the way we use microdata…

Secret Weapons of a Good Image Optimizer

Top 5 Secret Weapons of a Good Image Optimizer


Wondering what are the best features of the best image optimizer? Explore the best 5 secret weapons and the benefits of a good image optimizer.

Complete Guide to Google's PPC Advertising

Complete Guide to Google’s PPC Advertising


Want to start your first PPC campaign? Here’s the complete guide where you can learn what PPC is and how it works.

SEO by 10Web updated

What’s New: Big Update on SEO by 10Web


The new version of SEO by 10Web is now released. Check out what’s new!

Browser with a security and wordpress logo on it, next to it says: how to secure wordpress site in 6 simple steps

How to Secure WordPress Site in 6 Simple Steps


How to secure your WordPress site is an essential question, especially in the times of GDPR. Every website owner has the responsibility to guarantee that his or her website visitors have a secure browsing experience without having to worry about the protection of their personal information. In the age of cyber technology, hacker attacks have evolved and matured with the digital market, meaning that you will meet them in different shapes and forms. That’s why it’s imperative for each and every website owner to be well prepared to tackle security issues in an efficient and preventive manner. Keep in mind that a cybersecurity attack not only threatens your site’s visitors but also the functionality as well as the integrity of your site and by default your revenues. The good news is that if you follow the instructions of this article regarding how to secure your WordPress site, you’ll find that…


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