Product Update: New Pricing Scheme and Features

New Pricing Scheme and Features

We have some major good news! A lot of stuff regarding pricing scheme and features has been updated. Let me walk you through the changes.

New 10Web Pricing Scheme

Since we offer most anything you could ask for in a website – hosting to website builder, plugins to backup service, SEO to high class security – we attract a great diversity of customers with their unique needs. Now our pricing scheme fits the mold, too, offering something for everyone. We have three main plans and all of them come with a free one-month trial! Let’s discuss each one in more detail.
10Web platform pricing


This plan is perfect for bloggers and small business owners and includes everything for a smooth and exciting start with website-making. After your trial ends, you’ll be charged $10/month if you pay for a whole year in advance for one website hosted safely on Google Cloud, an advanced website builder full of beautiful templates, a monthly limit of 25k visitors and 100k optimized images, 20 GB of backup storage and 5 GB of SSD storage, as well as 50+ premium plugins, fantastic customer care 24/7, and all essential services for a great WordPress website.  


Premium is for relatively established website owners/managers with some experience who may need their sites to be able to handle more traffic. At $24/month, you get 3 websites hosted on Google Cloud, a one-of-a-kind website builder with dozens of great templates, a monthly limit of 100k visitors and 150k optimized images, 50 GB of backup storage and 10 GB SSD storage, not to mention 24/7 customer care, 50+ premium plugins and extensions, from Photo Gallery to Form Maker, and all the services – SEO, security, performance service, analytics, etc. – crucial for having a fast and reliable WP website attractive to visitors. 


The mightiest plan of the three, agency speaks for itself: 10 websites hosted on Google Cloud, 400k monthly visitor limit, 50 GB of SSD storage and 150 GB of backup storage, along with 50+ premium 10Web plugins (Photo Gallery, Form Maker, Instagram Feed, Event Calendar, etc.) with their extensions, top-notch customer care 24/7, and all the services you might need to keep your websites awesome, from security and SEO to performance and analytics, and more. Upon the end of your free trial, you’ll be paying $60/month for the whole package.  

10Web Plugin Bundles

The Bundle is the 10Web carte blanche. It’s the big time, the real deal. 60+ premium plugins and extensions, cool themes, efficient management tools and services – you name it, we got it. All our future services – including WP cloud hosting – will always be available to the Bundle users. They will be able to manage both 10Web and third-party plugins and themes through a single unified dashboard. They’ll have backup storage starting from 3GB, and image optimization, starting from 10000 images per month for the one-domain plan.

Choosing the Bundle plan basically means everything about your website will be taken care of. It’s for those who want to ensure their site’ quality, speed, and longevity, before concerning themselves with more complex or exciting endeavors. On our part, we’re committed to continually giving the most cutting edge answers to questions on website development.

Feature Updates

Plugin and theme management

Welcome our new dashboard with a more intuitive user interface where you can access and manage both 10Web premium plugins and the whole of WP repository! Here’s what’s cool about it:

  •   There are separate lists of active and inactive plugins and plugins with available updates.
  •   All available updates appear automatically on the dash and can be performed directly through it.
  •   WP repository plugins and custom ones are fair game to install and manage.
  •   There’s a separate menu for managing plugin extensions.

Backup Service

We’ve completely overhauled backup dashboard in this release. In the history of humankind, backing up a site has never been so easy. Just find the button “Backup now” on the main screen nested along with the calendar and the list of backups. Check out how smooth and fast our backups are, thanks to differential backup algorithm, which backs up only the changes made, instead of the whole website.

We’ve also added settings to customize the schedule and the type of data and provided a guide to choose the best backup schedule depending on your website circumstances.

Worries about having enough space? Well, first off in the Bundle plan you get 50 GBs of Amazon S3-powered cloud storage. But even if you only have, say, 1 GB of space and your site is 1 MB, our differential backup algorithm will let you backup not just 10, but probably like 100 times. If anything, you can always download differential or synced backups or restore your site to any checkpoint. Our backup plugin is always automatically kept up-to-date to provide the best experience and high security level.

Image Optimizer

Image optimization is crucial for having a fast and hence better ranked website. We’ve totally revamped our image optimizer:

  •    The new structure lets you choose from three different types of optimization
  •    Or just put your site on the “autooptimize” mode to optimize all uploaded images automatically.
  •    Keep tabs on stats and history of your optimizations.
  •    The new design provides a better and more intuitive user experience.
  •    Don’t bother with the updates; they always happen automatically.

Privacy Policy

GDPR, the recent regulation of data protection and policy, has made its way to every internet user’s feed and mind. We’ve taken the hype into account and made it so much easier to comply with the regulation!

  •    The plugins’ WordPress.org description sections have an added section on this very issue.
  •    Go to the “Privacy Policy” in “Settings” to get guidance on how to come up with an appropriate PP for your site.
  •    We’ve changed the functionality in 10Web plugins and themes to give you an easy time observing GDPR.


This pretty much covers all the 10Web news for the moment! We can’t wait to surprise you with more upcoming awesomeness on all fronts.

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