Product Update: Photo Gallery Demo, Instagram Feed WD Features, Form Maker Improvements

This is the first post in the series of 10web news. We’ll keep you posted about updates on the products and services that we provide, and post other interesting stuff about all things WordPress.

We are excited to announce about the new demo site for Photo-Gallery, improvements on Form-Maker, and major updates of Instagram Feed WD plugin.

New demo site for Photo Gallery plugin.

Our most popular product, Photo Gallery plugin, which is used by almost 400k users, has got a new demo site! The previous demo site was 2 years old and we felt like it’s time to update it. We worked hard and overhauled all the layouts, features and views displayed on Demo site. The new demo displays all the basic layouts of the Gallery, including thumbnails, masonry, mosaic, image browser, slideshow, carousel and blog style galleries. Demo site displays them the way they look with default options and styling.



Don’t get misled by the title of the plugin, Photo Gallery allows you to display not only images, but also videos and media from social networks, including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook (with extension).

Two additional views display albums or groups of galleries. Yes, it is possible to create nested galleries with Photo Gallery plugin.



Gallery eCommerce is one more feature demonstrated as a separate layout. Not just a feature, but full-scale ecommerce solution on top of photo gallery (an additional plugin required) allowing to make purchases directly from inside gallery popup.



When we were working on the demo site, we reviewed numerous options and styling of themes for Photo Gallery and changed them in the plugin. Now the plugin’s default setup corresponds to demo and looks more beautiful. No more extra efforts and frustration. Get what you see in demo out of the box!

This new demo site is a starting point for global improvement and redesign of all demos. One-by-one you will see all new demos for each plugin rolling up. Admin demo feature will be preserved and improved to provide WP playground environment with easy access to our products.

Major updates of Instagram Feed WD

The recent two updates of Instagram Feed WD plugin (versions 1.2.15 and 1.2.16) have tons of new great features, UX improvements and bug fixes. Instagram slideshow support finally arrived. Plugin’s popup displays slideshow of images and videos published in one Instagram post. The UX is similar to Instagram’s web view’s experience.

You can now preview Instagram Feeds from admin area where you edit and configure them before making them public. The UI of feed editor has been reviewed and completely changed. Now, instead of one big dashboard, there is a more user-friendly panel with closeable sections looking like metaboxes, and a section named “How to publish feed”.



We improved admin area of feeds and themes list. Now it gives similar UX like when you edit posts or pages in a list. There are other major improvements under the hood targeting performance and making feeds load faster on frontend.

Form Maker improvements

Added: detailed descriptions of form fields inside the form editor. Now every field type has inline documentation snippets. explaining how you can use it along with some other tips and tricks.



Other updates include security fixes, improved UI of submissions view, and major improvements in emailing functionality. Sending submissions emails from WP can be complicated and their success depends on many minor factors, including email formats, customization, server configuration etc. The new updates of Form Maker plugin significantly lower email failure rate.

Tigran is a product owner at 10Web with a strong past experience in web development and science. Currently his focus is on making 10Web products and website better, more innovative and easier to use for everyone.

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