What’s New: Big Update on SEO by 10Web

SEO by 10Web updated

The SEO by 10Web service has added new suggestions for optimizing your SEO and ensuring that your website performs at it’s best. In SEO by 10Web, under overview, you can see the problems within your site and recommendations to improve your SEO. We now check for the length of your URL to ensure that it is optimized for the best SEO results. Click on the links provided to go to the pages and make the improvements.

Meta Information section, we have added the option to enable or disable this functionality for your entire site.

In the Sitemaps section, you can now choose to Exclude Archives from your sitemap and Enable or Disable Video Sitemaps.

Excluding archives from your sitemap will allow you to have better SEO. Archives can be seen as duplicate and work against your SEO when your site is being crawled by robots.

Enabling Video SItemaps will make your content clearer for google and add an image of your content on SERPs. Thus, allowing for better SEO.

We have made most of our additions and improvements in the Settings section of SEO by 10Web. We have added three standard redirect types, Moved Temporarily (307), Gone (410), and  Unavailable For Legal Reasons (451), to help make your website organizational process easier.

The option to redirect attachment to the actual file itself has been added to ensure that you maximize your SEO. Upon upload, WordPress automatically creates a post containing meta data about the media. If robots crawl and index this URL, which is not rich in content, it could have a negative impact on your SEO. For that reason, redirecting attachment to the actual file, will ensure that uploaded media is being crawled and indexed instead of the WP created URLs.

Adding the option to remove the “categories” prefix allows you to have a cleaner URL and makes it easier and quicker for robots to locate and index your page. For example, if in your page/post you have the category SALE applied to that post/page, your URL, before removing the prefix, it will look like this: https://yoursite.com/category/sale/. Once you choose to remove the prefix, your URL will look like this: https://yoursite.com/sale/.

You can now import your SEO data from your Yoast account. This function will import your SEO setting from Yoast such as Meta tags, keywords, canonical URLs, Meta Robot settings, etc.

Further, you can enable and create a knowledge graph. A knowledge graph creates links between data using natural language which makes it easier to index. Providing first hand information about your website will enhance search engine results and SEO.

We have also added the functionality to set Meta tags to WooCommerce and monitor your 404 not found pages. Lastly, enable robots.txt virtual file. These files are the first instructions given to search engine robots when they start crawling your site.

START OPTIMIZING NOW It's free and always will be
START OPTIMIZING NOW It's free and always will be

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Maria writes technical content at 10Web. Maria enjoys taking wordy unintelligible descriptions of products and unscrambling them into laconic, clear language.

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    Viney Bhatia

    Will try this tool definitely!

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    MARIA all I can say is it was worthy to come to your blog a got good information on SEO… I also want to perform an SEO audit for my website

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    Nice Development tools

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    Richard Williamson

    Good morning. I need help with WordPress and I’m hoping for one-on-one assistance. I really want to talk with someone who knows wordpress, LIVE. I receive tons of emails from wordpress that offer links to solutions to other peoples’ problems that haven’t done me any good. I’ve tried to unsubscribe from those emails, but I haven’t been able to so now they all go to my spam folder. Again, I’m looking for live support, not some robo link that won’t answer my questions. my blog address is lookingthrualens.com/ricks-hideout/

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    • Ani Barseghyan
      Ani Barseghyan

      Hi Richard! Thanks for your comment. For live chat support, please go to https://10web.io/ and click “Ask a question” on the bottom right corner of the page. Alternatively, you can join our WordPress Family Facebook Community and start a discussion with fellow WP users.