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Frontend Optimization for WordPress Website Speed

Frontend Optimization: 10 Tips to Speed Up WordPress Your Website

18 Min Read

Three seconds. Three seconds of loading time on your website and your visitors will leave and never come back. These days, speed is at the forefront of everything web related. The Core Web Vitals, the new metrics in town, which has a significant impact on page quality scores and Google search results, is made up of three essential metrics related to page speed and user interaction. If you wish for your website to rank on the 1st page, speed should be your number one concern. Luckily, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to speed up your website; what it takes is a set of selected frontend optimization techniques. The “frontend” is where the interaction between your website and a visitor’s browser happens. In other words, it’s where the visitor’s browser downloads and presents your website code. Frontend optimization, aka webpage optimization, is a set of techniques or products used to…

How To Speed Up WordPress Backend and Admin Panel

How To Speed Up WordPress Backend and Admin Panel

18 Min Read

The loading time of your WordPress backend is worrisome, your admin panel is misbehaving, and your concern for your website performance is growing. You’re beginning to question the vitality of your website, enterprise, and life choices. Thankfully, this backend and admin panel breakdown is a common condition and the cure to speed up the WordPress admin is widely available, though it prompts some trial and error.  Why Should You Speed Up Your Backend and Admin Panel?  Managing your website should be pleasurable, a breeze. The speed of the admin panel has a direct link to this pleasurable management experience. It makes post and page editing and publishing fast and effortless. Have you ever made a mistake by clicking the wrong button because your admin panel was glitching or had stalled? Such experiences are frustrating enough to make you want to cease your entire website enterprise. There is something far worse…

best hosting for buddyboss

Getting Started with BuddyBoss: The What, Why, and How Explained!

9 Min Read

You’ve probably heard all the rage about BuddyBoss, the community plugin. You may have considered using it for your own website, but have some unanswered questions about the plugin, or concerns about the effect it would have on the loading time for your site. Or, you might be scratching your head, wondering “what is BuddyBoss?“. Well, you’re in the right place because we’re going to provide you with a crash course on all things BuddyBoss, plus offer some insider tips on how to make it work optimally for your website! What we’ll specifically cover in this article: What BuddyBoss is The best use cases for BuddyBoss Notable features of BuddyBoss Potential cons of BuddyBoss The ideal BuddyBoss hosting What is BuddyBoss? First thing’s first, what exactly is BuddyBoss? The short version is that it’s a plugin for creating online communities on WordPress. Sounds great, right? A lot of people agree!…

Nitropack Alternative – 10Web Booster | Features and Pricing Comparison

12 Min Read

The success of your website can be decided within seconds, that is, the seconds it takes for your website to load. Websites that take 3 seconds or longer to properly load, lose about 53% of their visitors, while a 100-millisecond delay can reduce conversion by 7 percent – talk about bad first impressions. Website speed speaks lengths about professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness, and edge in the industry, all within seconds; not to mention its direct link to Google ranking, bounce rate, user satisfaction, and conversion rate. Luckily, there are world-class speed optimization solutions that improve site speed, ensuring loading in seconds. Two such services for WordPress websites are Nitropack and Nitropack-alternative 10Web Booster. Let’s explore and compare their features and performance. What is Nitropack and how does Nitropack work? Nitropack is an all-in-one, cloud-based performance optimization solution or CDN+Cache plugin, developed for high-volume e-commerce retailers. It works with systems like OpenCart,…

10Web Booster: FREE Website Speed Optimizer!

Introducing the 10Web Booster: FREE Website Speed Optimizer!

5 Min Read

At this point—whether you’re a tech guru or a newbie to website development, you know the importance of PageSpeed. Google has made it clear repeatedly. Want people to remain on your website, reduce bounce rates, and increase user satisfaction? Your website better be fast. Want to increase conversion rates and bring in revenue? That website better load quickly. Want to rank higher on Google and have effective ads? You guessed it – that website better be fast! So…what to do? When considering speed optimization solutions, one thing to look out for and avoid are plugins or “solutions” that only improve the frontend of a website, leaving the backend high and dry…and slow. Your website deserves more than a surface-level fix, and we’re here to tell you that when it comes to PageSpeed, you should never settle. It is possible to have it all. An all-around optimization solution that speeds up…

Grey background with activity log page and products widget

What’s New: Activity Log, AI Builder, & Speed Optimzier

3 Min Read

It’s good to be back! Now that you’ve all been using and testing our products, we’ve been listening to what you have to say, what parts work and don’t work for you, and really digging deep and adjusting our products on the nano level. There are some releases in this period that we’d like to share with you. New 10Web Feature Activity Log Activity log is a new feature in the 10Web dashboard. As a part of the management of your workspace and websites, actions pertaining to your 10Web account, workspace, and websites are logged in this section. The feature gives you insight into who has made changes, where the changes were made, and what the change is. The feature also comes with options for filtering by action, user, or date. AI Builder Slider widget Before when AI recreated pages that had sliders, the Slider by 10Web plugin was installed…

10 Most Common Sales Objections and How to Handle Them

10 Most Common Client Objections and How to Handle Them

15 Min Read

The adrenaline is coursing through your veins. The suspense is palpable. You’re eagerly waiting, unable to think of anything else. Finally, communication is made. Your spirits lift for a brief moment, before hearing the dreaded, “I’m sorry, but…”. A sales objection. Yet again. Truly one of the most disappointing things to deal with in any business, especially considering all the hard work and time that goes into client discovery. Whether it’s because they found a better option, or they don’t fully understand what you can do for them, or a matter of not being willing to spend what you know your services are worth, the list of objections unfortunately goes on and on. But, if the excuses from prospective clients are starting to become a little too commonplace in your business, it’s time to make a change. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take you through…

Google Page Experience Update: The New Google Ranking Factor

Google Page Experience Update: The New Google Ranking Factor

12 Min Read

The anticipated (or dreaded) roll out of Google’s latest page experience update has already come and gone. Did it do wonders for your traffic…or were your worst fears realized? Or, perhaps you are just remembering about this change now, while reading this post? Fear not, as now that all the commotion has calmed and the dust has settled, we’re going to do a deep-dive into this update and tell you everything you need to know. Let’s start with the basics. Google officially announced the (slow) launch of this update for desktop on February 22, 2022. Initially saying it would be a process of a few weeks, the updates for desktop were completed on March 3, taking nine days in total. A much shorter overall process when compared with the two and a half month long mobile launch that came to its conclusion in August 2021. What exactly is the new…

10Web Experts

Announcing the Launch of Experts.10Web.io

5 Min Read

We have some exciting news for everyone who’s a fan of amazing websites – Experts.10Web.io has now launched! What does this mean for small- and medium-sized businesses or freelance developers, designers, and agencies? And what does it mean for the website-building market in general? We’ll be figuring it out in this article. Let’s dive right in! 10Web Experts is a platform that acts as an intermediary between certified and 10Web-approved site-building experts and companies/enterprises looking to rock their online presence. We came up with the idea for this service when we realized the immense potential of the network of experts and clients that has formed around 10Web over the years. So, why not put two and two together? Especially, if the endeavor is sure to result in a myriad of beautiful and functional websites that are a pleasure to browse. Since the platform is relatively new, I’m sure you have…

Green background with dashboard written on it with image of the 10Web dahsboard

What’s New: Speed Optimizer & Dashboard

1 Min Read

Speed Optimizer We have put a lot of effort into improving your site speed and reaching a 90+ PageSpeed score when hosting on 10Web and after migration of your websites. Responsive images In the general settings of the speed optimizer plugin, we have added the option to enable responsive images. This option adds the srcset attribute to your images and allows for the browser to display the most appropriate size per screen resolution being used. WebP WebP is a smaller image file format that has the same quality as larger jpeg files. Smaller file size makes for faster loading websites. Now when you migrate or create a website on 10Web, WebP serving is enabled by default. Meaning, if the WebP file format exists, that is what will be sent to the browser. In addition, after website migration, the homepage images of the site will be converted to WebP format. Slider…

Green background with two windows, workspace dropdown.

What’s New: User & Team Management & White Labeling of 10Web Builder

4 Min Read

Teamwork and collaboration are key components of seeing through a project to its completion. Even one man shows need to collaborate, at the least with the stage crew. Delegating work in a secure way and in a secure environment in the day of cyber everything, is quite the task of agencies and online businesses. As a collaborative platform, security, transparency, and of course, automation are at the top of our list at 10Web. 10Web Platform User and Team Management Whether you’re an agency with a large team or a freelancer with a single client who needs to approve the design changes, our User and Team Management feature automatically creates a workspace and allows you to collaborate on projects at the level of your need. Invite all types of users to your workspace, set the level of collaboration for each user, and complete projects quickly and more efficiently. White label As…

Finally! How to Get More Clients for Your Agency With 10Web

Finally! How to Get More Clients for Your Agency With 10Web

7 Min Read

You’ve created your agency and finetuned every aspect. You know what you offer is great and will genuinely take your clients’ businesses to the next level. So why isn’t your agency growing at the speed you expect? There are three main factors that can stunt any agency’s growth. If you’ve been in this business long enough, chances are you’re unfortunately all too familiar with every single one of them. The challenges: No unique selling point: A harsh truth is that the market is just too congested and if you don’t have a unique selling point, your message will be lost in the abyss. As great and unique as your services may be, an agency’s biggest challenge comes in the form of effectively differentiating itself from the competition. Lack of time: There is so much work that goes into the building and upkeep of a successful agency, that it can often…