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Why Is 10Web The Perfect Hosting Provider For Your University Website?

Easy Website-Building Easy Website-Building

Super fast website building

Spend less time designing your website by importing pixel-perfect website templates. Edit with drag-and-drop Elementor builder enhanced with premium widgets.

Managed WordPress Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WP hosting powered by Google Cloud

10Web hosting powered by Google Cloud is super fast and secure. Staging environment, SSDs, SSL certificate, and 4-layer caching are included.

95+ PageSpeed Score 95+ PageSpeed Score

95+ PageSpeed score

Any website hosted on 10Web platform and built with our templates has a 95+ speed score guaranteed. Migrate your website to 10Web and improve your score.

All Must-Have Services & Plugins All Must-Have Services & Plugins

All must-have services & plugins

Backup, security, SEO, and image optimization services, along with all essential premium plugins such as Form Maker, Photo Gallery, and Event Calendar, are included in the platform.

Why Did We Decide To Provide Free Hosting To University Websites?

I have always greatly valued education and have a PhD myself.

My academic background has played a significant part in my path to becoming the serial tech entrepreneur I am today.

That’s why we at 10Web decided to provide FREE hosting to university websites and help them build/host their websites without dealing with any challenges like achieving the perfect page speed, choosing the right plugins, and others.

It’s quite simple. There are only a few steps you need to take. Book a call with me today, and I will be more than happy to walk you through the process of migrating your website to 10Web or building a completely new one.

Arto founder of 10WEB


Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Their Experience With 10Web

10Web dashboard is very easy to use
10Web dashboard is very user-friendly and provides a unified place where you can view and update all your plugins. I use Form Maker Premium to create and manage all my forms.
by Ognjen Vukovic
The best of the best
You can find WP plugins everywhere, but you can't find plugins as easy-to-use as those by 10Web. The support team is amazing, too!
by Vukasin
10Web is awesome!
10Web is a great tool for your business! It's a multipurpose WordPress platform that helps facilitate the management of your websites. Highly recommended!
by Oliver