4.3 148 reviews

Contact Form Maker

4.3 148 reviews

WordPress Contact Form Maker is an advanced and easy-to-use plugin for creating and publishing forms on your website.



Make it easy for your website visitors to contact you adding a user-friendly contact form to your website. The responsive contact form plugin is a great solution for any website owner.

Custom Fields

Create your own customized fields by choosing from field types, including text inputs, drop down menus and more.

Customizable Emails

Send customized emails to the users and the administrators upon submission for any given form.


Design your forms by simply using any of the 41 themes provided by the plugin. You can easily change any part of the themes to fit your preferences.

Manage Submissions

View and export the snapshots of the submissions for each form. View number of entries, number of views and the conversion rate and more.


Avoid spam submissions by adding captcha to contact forms on your website. Make sure all e-mails you get are addressed to you.

Multi-Page Forms

The page break field will allow you to break up your forms into multiple pages with the help of the Page Break field.

Compare Contact Form Maker Free & Premium Features

Free Version
Paid Version
Responsive layout & design
9 sample form templates
41 customizable themes
Submissions Management
Multi-page forms
Conditional logic / formatting
Google Maps API Integration
File Upload field
PayPal Integration
Add ons support
Front-End Submissions
Multiple/Single Choice
Survey Tools
Time and Date Fields
Select Box
Priority Support & Updates

Free version of the plugin is available for download on wordpress.org

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