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Spider Facebook

3.1 17 reviews

Integrate your WordPress website with Facebook and get a bundle of widgets to display like box, activity feed, comment box and more on your posts and pages.



Spider Facebook is a fully featured Facebook integration plugin, which comes with a number of widgets to enable you to add like/share/follow buttons, login/registration box, commenting box, activity feed, as well as a set of Linkedin, Twitter and Google social buttons.You can give custom coloring and size to the buttons, specify the button location, and display share counts next to them.The comment box is regulated to by the site

Facebook Like/Send/Follow Buttons

Add Facebook Like, Send, and Follow buttons to your posts/pages and let users like your Facebook page, follow you on Facebook, send your posts to others.

Facebook Comments Box

Display a Facebook comments box on any of your posts and pages and enable your visitors leave comments on any piece of content on your website.

Facebook Like Box

Add a Like box to allow your site visitors to like your Facebook page and view its stream directly from your website.

Facebook Facepile

Display the Facebook profile pictures of the users who have liked your page or have signed up for your site.

FB Login, Register buttons

Show Facebook login and register buttons and let your visitors easily login and sign up for your website with their Facebook account.

LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ widgets

Add a set of social widgets for LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Facebook, and have your content shared across the top social platforms.

Integrate your site with Facebook quick and easy!

Get Spider Facebook and everything else you need for a WordPress site. Create a WordPress website faster and better than ever before!