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Spider FAQ

3.9 24 reviews

Create a well-designed and informative FAQ section for your website to enhance your user inquiry management



Our SEO-friendly Spider WordPress FAQ plugin will be a valuable addition to your website and will help you manage various user inquiries by significantly decreasing their amount. Create, publish and manage an elegant-looking FAQ section for your website in no time with our simple and effective plugin.

FAQ section

Create a searchable FAQ section to save your time. Importantly, the FAQs can be provided with images and there is a possibility to add date and username.

Like/Unlike Buttons

Make sure the content in your FAQ section is helpful for your visitors by adding buttons such as "Like", "Unlike" and "Hits"


The FAQ plugin allows you to expand and collapse the questions with a single click. This is a great way to keep everything organized, especially if you have a lot of questions and answers.


Create different FAQ categories to be able to organize the questions accordingly, as well as include standard categories into a set of FAQ categories for easier navigation.

FAQ themes

Choose from the 22 built-in FAQ themes, having the opportunity to modify them if necessary. You can also create a new theme from scratch to match the FAQ section interface with your website design.


Customize the order and the organization of the FAQ section, as well as modify the parameters for all the available features, including categories, questions, answers and searchbox.

Add a well-designed and informative FAQ section!

Get Spider FAQ and everything else you need for a WordPress site. Create a WordPress website faster and better than ever before!