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Video Player

4.2 43 reviews

Add videos to your WP blogs, posts, and pages incredibly quickly and super-easily!



Having an interactive website is an important part of your website success. With our Spider Video Player adding videos to your WordPress website, posts and pages will be a piece of cake. Organize your videos into playlists, choose a preferred layout for the player and play your videos on any mobile device effortlessly using this amazing plugin. We provide an optimal video player solution for your WP website through effective integration and a high level of customization.

User-friendly interface

Video Player provides a convenient user interface, incorporating all the common features, including video quality selection, sharing, full screen, shuffle and more.

Unlimited playlists & flash effects

Add powerful flash effects to your videos, as well as insert several video players in one page, setting up different parameters and creating unlimited playlists with unlimited number of videos.

Video types

Embed different types of videos into your video player, including HTML, YouTube, Vimeo and Rtmp. The player supports HD videos, HTML5 and Flash video playback.


Edit the themes for the Video Player to make its appearance more compatible with your website design and color scheme.

Image Watermark

Modify the size, position and border spacing of the watermark image, which is supported by the video player in Flash mode.


Customize the library, videos, frames, background color adjustment features, height and width of the video player, as well as the transparency level for the video player buttons and more.

User-friendly video plugin to showcase your videos!

Get Spider Video Player and everything else you need for a WordPress site. Create a WordPress website faster and better than ever before!