Image optimizer

Significantly improve load time of your WordPress website by optimizing your image files with the image optimizer service.



Make sure your images load as fast as possible on your site. Resize, compress and optimize image files without losing quality.

Automatic Optimization

Automatically optimize new images with scheduled optimization functionality. Choose to optimize images on an hourly, twice daily or daily basis.

Compression Modes

Image optimizer comes with 3 different compression modes - conservative, balanced, extreme. Choose the one that better fits your needs.

Bulk optimization

Shrink images one at a time or save time and optimize all existing images in bulk. This option is perfect when you have just got image optimizer and have a lot of files to optimize.

Media Type Conversion

Easily convert your media files from one file format to another. Convert jpg files to png and vice versa, gif to png, jpg to webP, as well as png to webP.

Optimization Quality

Define the quality of optimization for each media type (JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF) by choosing from the four options available - No Compression, Lossless, Lossy and Maximum Lossy.


Check report section of the plugin to see compression results for images you've optimized. Alternatively see an overview statistics with total numbers.

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