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Ensure better user engagement, conversion rates, and higher search engine rankings by having a faster website. Test your website performance with 10Web performance service, find weak points and bottlenecks and speed-up your site with insightful recommendations.

Performance check

Check your site performance with just one click. Our performance tool will scan your site, detect loading issues & provide other relevant info about the speed.

Performance grade

An insightful audit of your website performance will show you a performance grade, so you know exactly how your WordPress site ranks in terms of speed.

Load time

Test your site to see how long it takes for each page on your website to load from the time the user makes the request to the time the page is fully loaded.

Optimization recommendations

The performance tool analyzes the content of a WordPress page, then provides a number of optimization tips and suggestions to make that page faster.

Report Comparison

Compare the latest results of your performance check with the previous one to see how the changes you have made affected your website speed.

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