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What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting where a physical server is dedicated to a single client. Unlike shared hosting, you don’t share the resources of the server – the disk space, the bandwidth, processor, etc., with any other website. Customizability is a key factor in this type of hosting, as clients get complete control over the server to install and configure any software. It is an ideal type of hosting for large businesses or organizations with high traffic and a high amount of ecommerce transactions.

dedicated wp hosting

Advantages of dedicated hosting

With dedicated hosting, as there is no threat of neighboring sites affecting your website, the advantages are:

  • Higher level of security where you can customize the security measures per your needs and requirements.
  • Reliable performance thanks to higher server uptime and enough resources to handle traffic fluctuations.
  • Control and customization as you have complete control over your server and can install any software or application.
  • Higher speed as a result of a better operating system and server control and caching.
  • Great support since most dedicated hosting providers provide great 24/7 support through live chat, email, and/or phone calls.

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting

Although the advantages are many, there are some notable disadvantages to consider with dedicated hosting:

  • High price point due to the entire server with all of its resources being dedicated to your site. The pricing is based on both the physical hosting and the hardware on which the site resides. The average dedicated server price starts at around $100 per month. 
  • Not beginner friendly since operating a dedicated hosting requires technical knowledge about setting up, running/managing, installing, and administering the server.