10 Essential Components for Your WordPress Website

Build and manage multiple WordPress websites through a single 10-component platform. All your essential WordPress needs – from cloud hosting to page builder, 50+ premium plugins to customer care, along with many other tools, features, and services – are covered.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Have an exciting experience launching your website today on our cloud hosting!
Even the best site is only as good as its hosting. Scale, speed and management are not a problem anymore.
We bring cutting edge technology to WordPress.

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Host your website on a powerful, fast, and affordable Google Cloud Platform. Rest easy knowing your website is fast and can handle traffic spikes.

  • One click migration

    You’re no longer stuck with your old hosting!
    Make hosting migration a breeze by switching to 10Web WordPress hosting with a single click.

  • Caching

    Leverage website caching and increase website load time up to 3-4 times with FastCGI caching.

Effortless Site Builder

Bring all your ideas to life with the most popular builder Elementor we have enhanced through premium widgets’ bundle just for you. You can build your dream website without a single line of code. Create beautiful and functional pages in a few clicks.


Stunning Design

Become your own designer!
Discover brand new ways to design in a simple, practical, and visually stunning way.
Our designer-made themes are here to safeguard you from losing business because of a badly designed website.


50+ Premium Plugins

Building a successful online presence requires extensive site functionality.
Whether you run a personal blog or an online store, we have 50+ premium plugins to provide the functionality to match your needs.

  • Form Maker by 10Web

    4.6 2+ millions downloads

    Effortlessly create any responsive form using drag & drop interface with conditional logic. Form Maker is the most user friendly and functional WordPress form plugin.

  • Google Maps by 10Web

    4.6 300.000+ downloads

    Add responsive and fully configurable Google Maps to your website. The straightforward backend and an intuitive map editor shows all the map edits and changes in real time.

Backup Solution

Things happen to websites all the time. Hackers hack, servers go down, updates go wrong.
Our differential backup service will take care of your website’s reliability, letting you focus on more important things.

  • One - click restore

    Quickly and easily restore the latest version of
    your website with a single click from your 10Web dashboard.

  • Automatic backup

    Take full control of your website backups. Set a schedule
    to automatically backup your website daily, weekly or monthly.

High-class Security

A single security issue could be a death-knell for your business.
Don’t compromise your users’ trust. Enjoy your peace of mind assured that our security service battles the many dangers of the web for you.

  • Original file restore

    You can figure out what changes have been made to your site files and if necessary, immediately restore the altered files to their original versions.

  • Unlimited and scheduled scans

    There is no limit on the number of scans you can perform. All our plans come in hand with unlimited scanning sessions for the full duration of the subscription.

Website Speed

Merely half a second of difference in page load time can lose your website a user. Periodically monitor your website’s performance and speed, improving them with our caching and optimization services.

  • Image optimizer

    Speed-up your website and improve user experience by reducing image size up to 90% without losing image quality!

  • Performance

    Analyze your website’s speed performance. Improve speed by 90% following our optimization recommendations.




Improper SEO will impact your website's search engine rankings. Hardly any need to explain what this leads to.
A highly ranked site means easily reaching your marketing and sales goals. Our SEO service knows exactly what to do.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • Meta Information Box



Track, visualize, and analyze all your data!
Website analytics means much more than a simple visitor count. It defines your business strategy going forward. We have a service that’ll let you constantly keep monitor and interpret your data.

  • All Analytics Reports
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Ecommerce Tracking

Customer care means we’re here for you.

Using our products or just browsing 10Web, you’ll keep encountering the heart-shaped logo of our customer care “10Web Care.”
It has come to symbolize the standard of expertise, patience, and efficiency our technical support upholds. Whenever you see this logo, you can rest assured you are under 10Web support’s wing and all requests will promptly find their resolutions.
Our focus on constant betterment results in:

  • Low response time

    You’ll never have to wait more than
    5 minutes or so for a response.

  • Quick issue resolution

    Resolving an issue takes 24 hours max, no matter the time zone or day of the week.

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