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Build your website 10X faster with AI

AI Website Builder

Create a custom website tailored to your business needs
10X faster with 10Web AI Website Builder!

More than 1 million successfully
generated websites


Optimized for
every device

Get a mobile-friendly, responsive website for all devices.

Mobile Desktop
Mobile 375
mobile desktop


Empower your creativity with
our 10Web editor

Customize your content with AI-
powered text and image generation,
add animations and interactions.


Image generation

Generate images with AI,
right from the Editor


Text-to-Image with AI

Easily convert text into captivating
images with
our AI editing tools for
easier content creation.

Generate a photo of yellow
armchair in a modern living
room with white wall.

Generated with AI


AI image customization

Enhance your images by incorporating
new elements, editing,
or extending
them to achieve the desired look.

Add a picture to the wall,
keep the style the same

Generated with AI.


AI background removal

Instantly isolate subjects and achieve
a professional look with
background removal.

Remove background from
this image

Generated with AI.

Text-to-Image with AI AI image customization AI background removal

Text generation

Original Simplify language Make it longer Make it shorter


Recreate any
website with AI

Have a website in mind and want
something similar?
Easily get it
in minutes with AI.

background website domain website domain website domain
Simply insert
the homepage URL
AI copies the layout
and design
Customize anything
with easy
drag and
drop editor


Get your domain
and publish
in minutes

Securing your domain and launching
your website
never been easier.

background website domain


the perfect
for all industries

From Ecommerce to blogging, our AI Website Builder
has you covered.



Personal and CV






Business Portfolio Personal and CV Blog Ecommerce Affiliate Drop-shipping Restaurant


and super-

Get an SEO-optimized website
super-fast performance.

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Discover security
its core
and ensure
website protection

Secure your website with DDOS
SSL, firewall,
and a reliable
Enterprise CDN.

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Selling online made easy


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10Web AI
Website Builder

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AI Website Builder - 💻 - Find the best AI Tools to supercharge your business 🦸🏼

AI Website Builder


This is amazing - you can literally make a completely customised website with a few clicks.

AI Website Builder


Powerful AI Tool to Create professional websites in seconds

AI Website Builder


Here’s how to build a website under 5 minutes with AI.

AI Website Builder


What is an AI website builder?
An AI website builder is a user-friendly tool that leverages the latest generative technologies to automate the process of building websites. It enables users to create professional and original websites from the ground up in minutes. This makes it possible for users at all levels to develop an online store, business site, blog, or portfolio without any need for coding.

The 10Web AI Website Builder simplifies the website creation process by offering a drag-and-drop user interface and a variety of ready-to-use website templates. You can also convert your non-WordPress websites to WordPress using our tool.
Is hosting included with the AI Website Builder?
The 10Web AI Website Builder offers a free trial that allows users to experience creating a website with AI technology. After the trial ends, users have the option to subscribe to a plan that includes hosting services. For details on plan options and their limitations, please refer to the pricing page on our website.
Do I need coding skills to make a website with AI?
Coding skills aren’t required to use the AI Builder. The AI Builder is designed to develop your website from the ground up. You will just need to input some details about your business and select the structure for your website. You can pick your website's colors and fonts, and decide if you want an informational website or an online store. After these steps, you can relax while the AI takes over to create your website.
Can I create an ecommerce website with 10Web?
Yes, you can create an ecommerce website with 10Web. To set up your online store, 10Web AI Website Builder automatically integrates WooCommerce, using its full functionality for your site's development.

Additionally, through the 10Web dashboard under the Ecommerce tab, you have access to a range of WooCommerce features. This integration provides a comprehensive suite of tools on your dashboard, designed to streamline every aspect of managing your online store, making it a seamless process to oversee your ecommerce operations.
Does 10Web have limitations?
10Web offers a variety of plans designed to meet diverse user requirements, with each plan having specific features and limitations. To get acquainted with our plans and what each plan offers, please take a look at our pricing page.
Does the AI Website Builder offer templates?
Yes, the AI Builder offers an extensive collection of fully customizable templates, providing a solid starting point for your newly generated website. With these templates, you have the flexibility to craft various pages, modifying layouts, images, text, background colors, fonts, and other elements to suit your needs.

Whether you're looking to build an ecommerce site, blog, architectural showcase, restaurant page, portfolio, agency website, or something else, you'll find a template that fits your project.
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, there is a one-week free trial available. During this trial, you'll have the opportunity to experience the complete process of creating a website with the AI Builder, as well as explore the 10Web dashboard and its ecosystem.
How much does 10Web AI Website Builder cost?
The price of the 10Web AI Website Builder varies based on the plan you select. We have multiple plans designed to cater to various user requirements. For detailed information on our pricing and to compare the features across different plans, please visit our pricing page.
Why generate a website with AI?
Using AI to generate a website offers unparalleled speed, efficiency, and customization. It is a cost-effective solution that caters to all skill levels. It automates design and content creation, enabling a unique and professional web presence without the need for coding or design experience.

Additionally, AI-driven tools include SEO optimization to enhance online visibility. This approach not only saves significant time and resources but also ensures your website can easily adapt and scale as your business grows, providing a smart, future-proof solution for creating and maintaining an online presence.
Can I edit my website created with AI Website Builder?
The 10Web AI Website Builder lets you create WordPress websites with advanced widgets and features. This makes any website created by our AI Website Builder editable.

Our easy-to-use Builder is based on the free version of Elementor. After creating or converting your website with the AI Builder, you can customize it further using the simple drag-and-drop interface of the 10Web AI Website Builder, which also offers Pro widgets and features.
Is an AI generated website mobile friendly?
Websites generated with 10Web AI Website Builder are designed to be mobile-friendly. We have incorporated responsive design principles, ensuring that websites automatically adjust their layout and content to fit the screen size and resolution of various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This approach improves usability and accessibility for mobile users, enhancing the overall user experience.
Who can use 10Web AI Website Builder?
The 10Web AI Website Builder is designed for users across the spectrum, from individuals launching their first business to large enterprises seeking to expand their online presence. With plans ranging from those suited for beginners needing just one website to enterprise-level, ones that support the building and hosting of an unlimited number of sites, 10Web caters to a wide array of web development needs.
Is 10Web easy to use?
10Web provides a seamless ecosystem for users to create, host, and manage their websites effortlessly. Every tool in this ecosystem is crafted to provide the most direct path to achieving what the customer wants and needs. The AI Website Builder creates entire websites from scratch, requiring users only to answer a few simple questions about their business.
Can I use my own domain with 10Web?
Yes. If your website is currently hosted with another provider, 10Web facilitates a hassle-free, one-click automated migration process. Once the migration is complete, simply point your domain to 10Web to make your site live.
How does the AI Website Builder work?
The 10Web AI Website Builder utilizes generative technology powered by OpenAI to create websites based on user input about their company and services. It guides users through a question series to generate tailored content and structure. Post-creation, comprehensive editing, and customization options are available.

For converting websites to WordPress, it transforms any URL into a customizable template by analyzing and recreating the page’s layout and style with professional widgets, ensuring a seamless and consistent design without code duplication.
Can I add custom design elements to my website?
Yes, with 10Web AI Website Builder, you have the flexibility to add custom design elements to your website just like you would with any traditional website. It creates WordPress websites that can be customized using our Website Builder, including the use of our Pro widgets for enhanced design capabilities. For those with advanced skills, there's also the option to directly modify the code to achieve the specific design your website needs.

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Create a custom website tailored to your business needs
10X faster with 10Web AI Website Builder!

Create a custom website tailored to your business needs
10X faster with 10Web AI Website Builder!