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Product Update: Photo Gallery Demo, Instagram Feed WD Features, Form Maker Improvements

This is the first post in the series of 10web news. We’ll keep you posted about updates on the products and services that we provide, and post other interesting stuff about all things WordPress. We are excited to announce about the new demo site for Photo-Gallery, improvements on Form-Maker, and major updates of Instagram Feed WD plugin. New demo site for Photo Gallery plugin. Our most popular product, Photo Gallery plugin, which is used by almost 400k users, has got a new demo site! The previous demo site was 2 years old and we felt like it’s time to update it. We worked hard and overhauled all the layouts, features and views displayed on Demo site. The new demo displays all the basic layouts of the Gallery, including thumbnails, masonry, mosaic, image browser, slideshow, carousel and blog style galleries. Demo site displays them the way they look with default options…


WordPress Gets New Gutenberg Editor: What You Should Do as a Developer

WordPress, being 15-year-old content management system (CMS), still grows and experiences significant changes and improvements. During the last 2 years, 5 major versions have been released. Their focus was on editor, customizer, widgets and other minor improvements of UX. I would describe these improvements, released after the REST API in WP 4.4, liked by both ordinary users and developers. However what is to be released very soon, is a major fundamental change of the core WP experience – content editing. This change affects every WP user. For years, WP relied on tinyMCE editor, which is a quasi-WISIWIG editor with an extensible list of buttons to add and edit rich content. Now, the core team behind WP has set a kickoff goal – create a completely new post and page editing experience. Need to adapt to these changes and stay up-to-date As a plugin or theme developer, you may consider how…

The Best Image Optimization Solutions in WordPress

  Images often account for the most of the data downloaded on the web and if you constantly use high-resolution images on your website it can cause several problems. First and foremost, high-resolution images can cause long load times, which will boost your bounce rate, and consequently have an adverse impact on your conversions. Long load time can also impact SEO. Slow websites are generally ranked lower by the search engines. Secondly, if you have a high-volume website load, it will consume huge internet bandwidth from your visitors and will cause real problems for those who have a limited bandwidth. All these problems are particularly notable for smartphone and tablet users. The solution to these problems is optimizing images in your website. There is a number of technics for optimizing images on the web, but today we will focus on solutions that are available for websites created with WordPress. Images…

Why You Should Build and Manage Your Website with WordPress

Almost everyone who has been interested in building a website or just interested in world wide web have probably at least once heard about WordPress from a friend or read about it in a blog post. So what is WordPress, why and how it became so popular ? What are the main reasons that drive developers as well as business people to choose this platform? A deep dive into all the reasons in this blog post will cover all the questions you are interested in. For you to imagine how popular WordPress is, it will be enough to mention just one fact: WordPress quietly powers 29% of all the websites in the world and 60% of the CMS (content management system) market. Yes, WordPress is the most popular content management system.     If you are a novice in this sphere, there are most likely a number of questions you…

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