Arto Minasyan

Arto Minasyan, a serial tech entrepreneur and visionary leader, is the Co-Founder at 10Web & Krisp . Both startups are the answers to his urgent needs, as a web developer and a businessman. You can always have a chat with Arto in our WordPress Family Facebook community.
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The End of the Shared Hosting Era


What is hosting and how does it work?  Any website hosted on 10Web automatically gets a 90+ PageSpeed score Powered by Google Cloud Real-time differential backups Free SSL Certificates Modern and super friendly all-in-one dashboard + All tools for building a super fast website Pricing AppSumo Plans Shared hosting vs 10Web 1-Click Migration & Optimization 24/7 Customer Care Ending / Beginning Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has been very important to website-making. It’s super popular: 35% of all websites and 38.03% of the top 100K websites are WordPress-based. Of course, WordPress has a huge community of supporters, contributors, and people who ❤️ building websites on WordPress. And the reasons are so many: Free and open source Easy to learn and with a big community 100K+ themes and plugins for every need And yes, there are 1,000,000s of doubters and haters, who legitimately criticize WordPress for: Being very slow…

10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms (2021)


Before we get started, here’s the list of hostings we’ll be discussing: Kinsta 10Web WPEngine FlyWheel SiteGround GoDaddy Pagely BlueHost InMotion DreamHost If you’re a developer and work with WordPress on a day-to-day basis, you might think that the time of managed hostings, that is hosting providers that set up servers and then take care of them for users, is nearing its end. After all, you might think, modern server providers have made it so that anyone can set up a server and then manage it. But continuous strong interest in managed WordPress hosting providers and in how they compare paints a very different picture. WordPress is fairly complex and can become a source of unnecessary headache for an average user who just wants to set up a simple website without going into the nitty-gritty of technical management. In fact, the efficient infrastructure and essential services, such as backups and…

15 Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site


Are you looking to speed up your WordPress website? You’re not alone. Given that webpage load time is an important factor that impacts everything from SEO and Google rankings to overall user experience and traffic, it’s every responsible website owner’s primary concern. In this comprehensive guide to optimizing the speed of your WordPress website we’ll discuss in detail the most helpful tips for decreasing your site’s load time and enhancing its performance. Starting out with reasons why working to speed up your WP site is so crucial in the first place, we’ll then delve into the best tools for checking said speed and factors that may work against you. Then we’ll go through a list of steps you should follow to immediately accelerate your site and close with in-depth answers to a whole range of questions users typically have about site speed optimization and everything related to it. To help…


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