What is a Grouped Product in WooCommerce

A grouped product in WooCommerce is a collection of related products that are showcased together for convenience, allowing customers to browse and select individual items that complement each other. For instance, if the customer is looking at a camera, a grouped product listing might include accessories like a lens, a tripod, and a memory card as separate purchases. This feature enables the shipper to easily pick and choose which components they need, all from one page.

Using grouped products is a great way to increase the average order value as it encourages customers to add more items to their cart. It’s particularly useful for items that are commonly bought together or have a natural association. WooCommerce includes this functionality right out of the box, so you can set up your own grouped products with ease, enhancing the shopping experience on your site.

Group product definition and types

Grouped product is a specific product type in WooCommerce, designed to help you showcase related products together while allowing customers to purchase these items individually. Think of a grouped product as a collection where each item retains its standalone identity. The primary types of products in WooCommerce include:

  • Simple product: A single, standalone item with no variations.
  • Variable product: An item with variations, such as size or color.
  • External/affiliate product: A product you list and describe on your website but is sold elsewhere.
  • Grouped product: This is what you’re focusing on, where you can create a set of related products for your customers to purchase.

Creating a grouped product

After learning what is a grouped product in WooCommerce, you can create it by going to Products > Add New in your WooCommerce dashboard. Then after adding the information in the Product Data meta box, select ‘Grouped product’ from the dropdown menu. Under the Linked Products tab within the Product Data section, add the SKUs or IDs of the child products that are part of the group.


Each child product, which can be a simple or any other non-grouped product type, will then be viewable under the parent-grouped product. Customers can select which of these child products they want and add them to their cart separately.

Inventory management

Managing inventory effectively ensures that you’re able to fulfill customer orders promptly and accurately. In the Inventory tab within the grouped product settings, you can monitor and adjust the stock level of each linked product individually. While grouped products themselves don’t hold inventory, keeping an eye on the inventory levels of the grouped items is crucial to avoid stock shortages or overstocking.Inventory management for the grouped products

Optimizing customer experience

In WooCommerce, your approach to presenting products can fundamentally affect your customers’ shopping experience. After you have learned what is a grouped product in WooCmmerce and how to create it, let’s explore how you can optimize this experience with effective product grouping.

Product presentation

Images: Ensure your grouped product has a high-resolution main image that represents the group. Additional images should showcase each individual product clearly.

Title and attributes: Give your grouped product a descriptive title that reflects the bundle. List attributes clearly so that users understand the value and contents of each group.

Varied grouping strategies

Mix and match: Group complementary products that users often purchase together to simplify their buying decision. This strategy works well for items that are typically part of the same workflow or usage scenario.

Custom bundles: Allow customers to create their own product groups by selecting variations of the main product. This gives them a sense of control over their purchase.

Enhance buying options

Cross-selling: Use the grouped product page to suggest related items as additional purchases. This can entice customers to explore more options and increase sales.

Easy navigation: Make sure the variations within a group are easy to browse. Customers should be able to select or change options without any confusion or unnecessary steps.

Promotions and discounts

To boost the attractiveness of your grouped products, consider running promotions and offering discounts. This encourages customers to purchase more items from the group. For instance:

  • Bulk discounts: Apply a percentage discount when customers purchase a complete set or multiple items from the group.
  • Limited-time offers: Create urgency with discounts available for a short period, which can lead to immediate sales increases.

Promotional campaigns using coupons can also incentivize buyers to opt for a grouped product when they might only have been considering a single item.

In conclusion, a grouped product in WooCommerce is a way to showcase complementary items together, giving customers the flexibility to pick and choose which ones they need while still increasing your average order value. So grouping products in WooCommerce is like a win-win for both for the seller and the buyer.