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You Are About to Signup For Hosting Trial

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What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that powers over 43% of all websites. Since its market share is so big, many web hosting providers have created WordPress-specific hosting plans. While it is by no means absolutely necessary for you to choose WordPress hosting if you’re using WordPress, it does make the process of installing and configuring WordPress, improving performance and security, and otherwise managing a WP site much easier. The WP-optimized services and tools these hosts offer can significantly reduce your website’s load time, add an extra layer of security, and give you the WP-specific customer support you need. Oftentimes you may even be able to automate a large portion of website management, such as plugin and theme updates, backups, and security scans. 

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Advantages of WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting – especially managed WordPress hosting – has a wide array of advantages, so if you’re a newbie or just don’t want to bother with advanced server configurations, you should definitely consider it. 

It’s beginner-friendly

WordPress hosting providers will typically make the signup and WordPress installation process as easy for you as possible. Oftentimes the hosts will create a separate interface that will give users the opportunity to manage WP websites without knowing the nitty-gritty of the CMS. If you have WP websites and don’t want to bother with technical details, WordPress hosting is a great place to start. 

Automated updates

If you don’t update your WordPress, installed plugins or theme in a timely manner, your website may crash: For example, its design elements, such as forms or galleries, may stop working. WordPress hosting allows users to automate or schedule the updates, which means you don’t need to remember to update your website anymore. One less thing on the to-do list!

Enhanced performance

WordPress websites have their specific configurations, and the process of enhancing their performance is also formulaic. WP hosts often offer services for enhancing website performances via image optimization, minification, lazy load, etc. The fast-loading WP website you get as a result will not only attract visitors but help your website’s SEO – it’s a win-win.

Free SSL certificate

Most WordPress hosting providers will also throw in a free SSL certificate. After installation, the certificate will add a layer of security, ensuring private data transfer between WP website, server, and web browser. This, too, improves SEO. 

WP-specific customer care

Sometimes the question you have will be very WordPress-specific, and generic web hosts will be unable to help you out. WP hosting has the benefit of customer care specialists who are very knowledgeable about WordPress. 

Effective plugin functioning

Plugins are more effective when they’re installed on a website that uses a WP-optimized host. Plus, you won’t need to use that many plugins, because the host will provide a lot of the functionality that plugins cover, such as security, performance optimization, etc.