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FINALLY!! A form plugin that does it all !!!
A contact form that allows me to place fields in columns (many form editors SUCK at this point- never again “Smart Grid-Layout Design”), a contact form that works (never again “Contact Form 7”), and one that stores contacts/messages (never again “CF7” which needs “Flamingo”).

Thank you thank you thank you Form Maker (by Form Builder Team)!!
You are the ONLY contact form plugin that f*cking WORKS out of the box!


If I could give this plugin more than 5 stars I would!
The level of control is extremely nice – even with the free version – though I quickly purchased the PRO version!
And the level of customer service in troubleshooting forum questions is incredible!
Very impressed with the plugin – but even more so with the way they interact with and help users get to what they need!
Great job guys!!


This is the best plugin for creating functional forms and very user friendly even for the none technical users.
Absolutely recommend everyone to use this one.
Thanks a lot guys!!!