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A very good plugin!
I was looking for a long time for a google-maps plugin. I finally decided to buy Google Maps. And it was very good decision!
The plugin has very different features an the price is not to beat. But the best is the support: Very friendly, very quick, very competent. They even made for me a special feature. WOW! I never had that before!
Thanks for a great product and an excellent support! I will buy more plugins.


This map plugin is totally worth your time and money. It is pretty easy to set up with its default wizard, all changes are visually available and you get as many maps as you want for your pages and posts. Too bad there is no option for 5+.


This is a great plugin to insert Google maps on a website. It has a lot of features especially to adjust the design. You can create different maps, markers and themes and adjust all colors in the map, set the controls to handle the map like zooming, map types, fullscreen and streetview and much more. I don’t miss anything. The support is also very fast and competent.