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You Are About to Signup For Hosting Trial

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AI-Powered WordPress Platform

All the tools you need
for your website

AI Builder

Build or recreate any website
with AI in minutes. Customize
it with our Elementor-based
and drop editor.

AI Builder

AI Assistant

Generate superior content for
your every need with
our AI
Assistant and its add-ons for major WordPress plugins like Yoast, Classic Editor, and more.

AI Assistant


Host your website on the fastest, fully automated hosting for WordPress
that’s powered
by Google Cloud.


PageSpeed Booster

Optimize your website to receive
a 90+ PageSpeed score, improved Core Web Vitals, and better performance.

PageSpeed Booster

Create websites
in minutes with AI

Generate with AI
Add pages with AI
Premium widgets
Create websites in minutes with AI

Generate with AI

Get a headstart on website creation
with the help of AI:

  • Answer few questions about your business
  • AI generates content and images based on answers
  • Customize your content and images
  • Add more pages with AI

Add pages with AI

Choose how you want to add new pages and finalize your website.

  • CheckmarkInsert the URL of any web page to recreate the layout
  • CheckmarkChoose from our library of ready-made layouts
  • CheckmarkStart with a blank canvas and build from scratch

Premium widgets

Access all the widgets you need to build your website
in one place
with 10Web editor based on Elementor.

  • Checkmark50+ premium widgets
  • CheckmarkFull-site building
  • CheckmarkE-commerce widgets
  • CheckmarkMenus, forms and sliders

content faster
with AI Assistant

Main AI Assistant
Extend WordPress
20+ content templates
Document editor
Generate content faster with AI Assistant

Main AI Assistant

AI Assistant works where
you work. Use our AI to write premium
content directly from your Gutenberg editor:

  • CheckmarkBlog post outline
  • CheckmarkIntro paragraph
  • CheckmarkConclusion/summary
  • CheckmarkParagraph generator
  • CheckmarkParaphrase

Extend WordPress

10Web AI Assistant helps you to write content
and make improvements directly in your
WordPress plugins:

  • CheckmarkAI Assistant for Yoast
  • CheckmarkAI Assistant for Classic Editor
  • CheckmarkAI Assistant for Rank Math SEO
  • CheckmarkMore plugin add-ons coming soon

20+ content templates

Don’t know where to start? Choose from our selection of prompts for dozens of tailored use cases:

  • CheckmarkCompose content faster
  • CheckmarkImprove messaging
  • CheckmarkWrite product descriptions
  • CheckmarkSimplify texts based on audience
  • CheckmarkGenerate blog outlines,
    and more

Document editor

Start with a blank canvas – leverage the power of AI to write and perfect copy the
way you need it:

  • CheckmarkFeature-rich editor
  • CheckmarkFlexible text structure and formatting
  • CheckmarkBetter suited for long-form content
Reliable website performance
Real-time backups
Real-time backups
Real-time backups
User & team management
User & team management

Automated Hosting
for your website

Checkmark Checkmark

Reliable website performance

Never worry about hosting downtimes and technical maintenance again.
With 99.9% uptime and
elastic scaling, your websites will be up and running at all times, so you can focus
on other tasks.

Reliable website performance
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Real-time backups

Set and schedule real-time backups for all your websites
using 10Web. Our service guarantees that you’ll never experience any data loss and can focus on other aspects
of your website.

Real-time backups
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1-click migration

Save time on migrating any website to 10Web and
avoid dealing with technical
issues. Immediately get
an optimized copy of your website hosted on 10Web
with 90+ PageSpeed Score.

Real-time backups
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Here at 10Web we value security above all else.
We monitor all websites hosted on 10Web for security breaches, malware detection, DDoS attacks, preventing
brute force attacks, and more.

Real-time backups
Checkmark Checkmark

User & team management

Collaborate with your team members and clients from
one workspace. Invite your team to your workspace,
give them granular access to work on different aspects
of the site.

User & team management

Automated PageSpeed
Booster with Cloudflare CDN

Website optimization
Image optimization
Cloudflare CDN
Automated PageSpeed Booster with Cloudflare CDN

Website optimization

Complete frontend
optimization on any hosting that gives
WordPress websites:

  • Checkmark90+ PageSpeed score
  • CheckmarkImproved Core Web Vitals
  • Checkmark50% faster load times
  • CheckmarkHigher rankings on Google
  • CheckmarkBetter UX and website performance

Image optimization

Optimize all images on your website for faster loading:

  • CheckmarkWebP conversion
  • CheckmarkContainer-specific image resizing
  • CheckmarkImage lazyload
  • CheckmarkAuto-optimization of new uploads

Cloudflare CDN

Reduce latency and load times and improve performance by enabling Cloudflare Enterprise CDN:

  • CheckmarkEnterprise CDN
  • CheckmarkFull page cache
  • CheckmarkDDoS and bot protection
  • CheckmarkFree SSL certificate
  • CheckmarkWeb application firewall
  • CheckmarkMobile optimization with Mirage

Get the priority support you

At 10Web your websites’
security and performance
our number 1 priority.
24/7 live chat support

24/7 live chat support

Reach out to us anytime.
We’re ready to take on any WordPress question.

Dedicated Slack channel

Dedicated Slack channel

Connect with our engineers
and work with them directly to solve any issues
as quickly as possible.

Kori Ashton

One of the best things that 10Web offers us is the 90-plus page speed score. 10Web has incredible reviews. It’s just amazing how many people love the support and the product of this company.

Kori Ashton