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WordPress Platform

  • CheckmarkGenerate your website
    in minutes with AI
  • CheckmarkGet the fastest hosting
    powered by Google Cloud
  • CheckmarkBoost your website’s
    PageSpeed score to 90+
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Rating 1M+ active users
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AI-Powered WordPress Platform

All the tools you
need for

Create websites
in minutes with AI

Generate with AI
Add pages with AI
Premium widgets
Create websites in minutes with AI

Generate with AI

Get a headstart on website creation
with the help of AI:

  • Answer a few questions about your business
  • AI generates content & images based on the answers
  • Customize your content
    and images
  • Add more pages with AI

Add pages with AI

Choose how you want to add new pages and finalize your website.

  • CheckmarkInsert the URL of any web page to recreate the layout
  • CheckmarkChoose from our library of ready-made layouts
  • CheckmarkStart with a blank canvas and build from scratch

Premium widgets

Access all the widgets you need to build your website
in one place
with 10Web editor based on Elementor.

  • Checkmark50+ premium widgets
  • CheckmarkFull-site building
  • CheckmarkE-commerce widgets
  • CheckmarkMenus, forms and sliders

Unleash the power of
AI website building

Get unparalleled level of simplicity and speed in building
and launching your website. Build, design, and
publish your
fully customized website within minutes with the help of
AI Website Builder.

100s of influencers love
10Web AI Website Builder

Get a first look at how the 10Web AI Website Builder has become
a game-changer
in the digital landscape. Join the conversation
and experience the power of this cutting-edge
website builder for yourself.



This is amazing - you can literally make a completely customised website with a few clicks.

AI Website Builder


Here’s how to build a website under 5 minutes with AI.

AI Website Builder


Powerful AI Tool to Create professional websites in seconds

AI Website Builder

AI Website Builder - 💻 - Find the best AI Tools to supercharge your business 🦸🏼

AI Website Builder

content faster
with AI Assistant

AI Assistant
AI Assistant SEO Pack
20+ content templates
Document editor
Generate content faster with AI Assistant

AI Assistant for Gutenberg
and Classic Editor

AI Assistant works where
you work. Use our AI
to write
-optimized content in Gutenberg
and Classic Editor.

  • CheckmarkOutline generator
  • CheckmarkParagraph generator
  • CheckmarkIntroduction paragraph
  • CheckmarkConclusion generator
  • CheckmarkParaphrase

AI Assistant SEO Pack

Improve your website SEO, increase your website rankings and
fix all the SEO errors with 10Web AI Assistant SEO Pack.

  • CheckmarkGenerate or paraphrase meta descriptions and titles
  • CheckmarkAutomatically fix SEO and readability errors
  • CheckmarkAutomatically fix keyphrase and passive voice errors
  • CheckmarkFix paragraph/sentence length errors
  • CheckmarkFix subheading distribution errors

20+ content templates

Don’t know where to start?
Get rid of your writer’s
block with the help of AI. Choose
from our selection
of prompts for dozens of tailored use

  • CheckmarkCompose content faster
  • CheckmarkImprove messaging
  • CheckmarkWrite product descriptions
  • CheckmarkSimplify texts based on audience
  • CheckmarkGenerate blog outlines,
    and more

Document editor

Start with a blank canvas
– create and edit entire documents
right in the
10Web dashboard.

  • CheckmarkFeature-rich editor
  • CheckmarkFlexible text structure and formatting
  • CheckmarkBetter suited for long-form content
Reliable website performance
Real-time backups
Real-time backups
Real-time backups
User & team management
User & team management

Automated Hosting
for your website

Checkmark Checkmark

Reliable website performance

Never worry about hosting downtimes and technical maintenance again.
With 99.9% uptime and
elastic scaling, your websites will be up and running at all times, so you can focus
on other tasks.

Reliable website performance
Checkmark Checkmark

Real-time backups

Set and schedule real-time backups for all your websites
using 10Web. Our service guarantees that you’ll never experience any data loss and can focus on other aspects
of your website.

Real-time backups
Checkmark Checkmark

1-click migration

Save time on migrating any website to 10Web and
avoid dealing with technical
issues. Immediately get
an optimized copy of your website hosted on 10Web
with 90+ PageSpeed Score.

Real-time backups
Checkmark Checkmark


Here at 10Web we value security above all else.
We monitor all websites hosted on 10Web for security breaches, malware detection, DDoS attacks, preventing
brute force attacks, and more.

Real-time backups
Checkmark Checkmark

User & team management

Collaborate with your team members and clients from
one workspace. Invite your team to your workspace,
give them granular access to work on different aspects
of the site.

User & team management

Automated PageSpeed
Booster with Cloudflare CDN

Website optimization
Image optimization
Cloudflare CDN
Automated PageSpeed Booster with Cloudflare CDN

Website optimization

Complete frontend
optimization on any hosting that gives
WordPress websites:

  • Checkmark90+ PageSpeed score
  • CheckmarkImproved Core Web Vitals
  • Checkmark50% faster load times
  • CheckmarkHigher rankings on Google
  • CheckmarkBetter UX and website performance

Image optimization

Optimize all images on your website for faster loading:

  • CheckmarkWebP conversion
  • CheckmarkContainer-specific image resizing
  • CheckmarkImage lazyload
  • CheckmarkAuto-optimization of new uploads

Cloudflare CDN

Reduce latency and load times and improve performance by enabling Cloudflare Enterprise CDN:

  • CheckmarkEnterprise CDN
  • CheckmarkFull page cache
  • CheckmarkDDoS and bot protection
  • CheckmarkFree SSL certificate
  • CheckmarkWeb application firewall
  • CheckmarkMobile optimization with Mirage

Get the priority support you

At 10Web your websites’
security and performance
our number 1 priority.
24/7 live chat support

24/7 live chat support

Reach out to us anytime.
We’re ready to take on any WordPress question.

Dedicated Slack channel

Dedicated Slack channel

Connect with our engineers
and work with them directly to solve any issues
as quickly as possible.


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Who can use 10Web AI Website Builder?
10Web AI Builder is for anyone looking to create a website for their business, whether it's a small startup or a large enterprise.
Down Up
Is there any limit to AI Website Builder?
You can generate content and images for a template with a free trial. After upgrading, the limits will depend on your plan. For more information on AI visit our pricing page.
Down Up
How does the AI Website Builder work?
To create a website using AI Builder, all you have to do is answer a short questionnaire and our generative AI tool will create tailored content and images based on your answers.
Down Up
Is 10Web AI Website Builder easy to use?
Yes, the Builder is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any coding skills. You can create your AI website by simply answering a few questions about your business.
Down Up
Is the content generated by AI Assistant original and plagiarism-free?
Yes, absolutely. AI Assistant automatically creates plagiarism-free, human-like content in seconds. It uses the top large language models like GPT3 to create high quality text.
Down Up
Is there any limit on how much content I can generate with AI Assistant?
You can generate up to 2.000 words each month with your free account. For more information on AI Assistant Pro, please visit our pricing page.
Down Up
How does the AI Assistant work?
10Web AI Assistant works by using existing content on your website. It then generates new, unique content that is optimized for SEO and engagement. The AI assistant can be integrated with your WordPress website, and you can use it to create new posts, pages, and other types of content, including images.
Down Up
What are the benefits of using 10Web AI Assistant?

10Web AI Assistant offers a number of benefits, including:

  • 10x faster content generation: With the AI assistant, you can generate new content much faster than you would manually.
  • Improved SEO: The AI assistant generates content that is optimized for SEO, helping to improve your website's search engine rankings.
  • Increased engagement: The AI assistant generates content that is optimized for engagement, helping to increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • Easy integration with WordPress: The AI Assistant is easily integrated with your WordPress website, directly in your favorite plugins and editor.
Down Up
Does 10Web Booster replace all image optimization, caching and other optimization plugins?
Yes. 10Web Booster is an all-in-one solution for optimizing websites. It implements dozens of speed optimization techniques from simple minification to JS delay and critical CSS generation for frontend optimization and Cloudflare Enterprise CDN for an even faster performance and security. There is no need to run another speed optimization plugin along with 10Web.
Down Up
How does image optimization of 10Web Booster work?

Image optimization does several things. First it converts images to WebP format, which drastically reduces the size of your website images, allowing them to quickly load.

Second, it implements container-specific image resizing, which creates small size images and displays them instead of full-size images for visitors using small-screen devices.

Third, image optimization implements lazy-loading and preloading of images, two techniques ensuring fast webpage loading with instant on-demand image display.

On top of that, with Cloudflare’s Mirage optimization, we optimize all images based on device and network connection types for each mobile visitor.

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How do I enable Cloudflare Enterprise on 10Web Booster?
From your 10Web Booster dashboard sidebar, go to Cloudflare Enterprise and click ‘Enable’. After that, you’ll be prompted to double check your original server IP, point your domain and configure DNS records as instructed. After your website is verified, Cloudflare Enterprise will show an ‘Active’ status in the ‘Overview’ tab of your dashboard.