Form maker Extensions

Get the most out of your WordPress Form Maker plugin with advanced extensions. Enhance the functionality of your plugin today!


Save Form Progress

Let your users save incomplete entries so they can continue whenever they want.

Conditional Mailing

Send custom email notifications to recipients depending on submitted forms.


Export forms and entries as XML files and then import them into another website.


Receive real-time notifications on your phone whenever a user submits a new entry.

Mailchimp Integration

Build Mailchimp signup forms and grow your list of leads.

WordPress Registration

Create WordPress user registration forms and grow your website’s user base.

Post Generation

Allow your users to submit guest posts through form submission.

Dropbox Integration

Upload form entry attachments directly to Dropbox.

Google Drive Integration

Store all received form attachments directly on your Google Drive.

PDF Integration

Create PDFs using content from submitted entries.


Let your users make credit card payments via Stripe, and receive the payments directly to your bank account.


Create forms with automatically calculated fields.

Add modern and advanced forms to your website!

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