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Need to save partially completed forms? Then this add-on will come in handy. Save Progress Add-on allows you to save the incomplete forms, return later and pick up right where they left off.


Conditional Emails Add-on makes your forms more powerful by allowing you to send multiple, custom email notifications to different recipients depending on the forms submitted.


Moving your form submissions to a different location doesn’t have to be complicated and frustrating. Export your data in CSV or XML format files and import them to another location or website in just a few simple steps.


Form Maker Pushover integration allows to receive real-time notifications when a user submits a new form. This means messages can be pushed to Android and Apple devices, as well as desktop notification board.


The add-on allows to add contacts to your subscription lists from submitted forms. If you use various lists with MailChimp, you will be able to create multiple forms and match each form with a corresponding list.


Need to get the users to easily register on your website? User Registration Add-On easily integrates with the Form Maker plugin allowing users to create accounts on your website.


Post Generation add-on allows creating a post, page or custom post based on the submitted data. The form fields can be used for generating the title, the post content, tags, categories and featured images.


Use the Dropbox Integration Add-on to link Form Maker plugin to your Dropbox account. Save storage space and improve website performance by storing the form attachments straight to your Dropbox account.


The Google Drive Integration add-on integrates Form Maker with Google Drive and makes your work process more efficient by storing data to Google Drive’s cloud storage instead of your site.


Generate files in PDF format with the data captured through submitted forms. Get the Form Maker PDF Integration Add-on today to enhance the functionality of your forms and make data sharing and archiving easier.


Form Maker Stripe is convenient add-on if you have plans to integrate Stripe payment method. Allow users to easily make credit card payments via Stripe and get the payments directly in your bank account.


The Form Maker Calculator add-on allows creating forms with dynamically calculated fields. These can be date calculations, mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and etc.

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