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AI Website Builder

Get a jumpstart on website
Build or recreate any
website in minutes
with the
power of AI.

  • CheckmarkBuild a professional
    website 10X faster with AI
  • CheckmarkGet AI generated content
    and images
  • CheckmarkCustomize with
    Elementor based editor
CheckNo credit card required
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AI Assistant

of website

Build, design and publish your custom AI website in minutes.
Growing your digital presence is faster and easier than ever
before with 10Web AI Website Builder.

Build a website your business needs with the help of AI

Get a professional website, AI generated content
and images, with minimal work.

Create a website with AI
Add pages with AI

Start creating your website with AI

Build and customize your one-of-a-kind AI website
in minutes.

  • Answer a few simple questions about your business
  • Let AI generate tailored
    content and images based
    on your answers
  • Customize your content
    and images
  • Add more pages and complete your website
Start creating your website with AI

Add pages with AI

Choose how you want to
add new pages
and finalize
your website.

  • Insert the URL of any web page to recreate the layout
  • Choose from our library of ready-made layouts
  • Start with a blank canvas and build from scratch
Add pages with AI

Level up your editing process

Edit every design element
of your website with our
Elementor-based editor and premium 10Web widgets.

Premium widgets
Design elements
Level up your editing process

Premium widgets

Access all the widgets you need to build your website
in one place with 10Web editor based on Elementor. Choose from a variety of functional, layout, marketing, and eCommerce premium widgets.

  • Checkmark50+ premium widgets
  • CheckmarkFull-site building
  • CheckmarkMenus, forms and sliders
  • CheckmarkE-commerce widgets


We ensure that your AI generated website is 100% responsive & mobile-friendly
by having fast responsive conversion at all screen resolutions on different browsers and platforms.

Design elements

Manage all the design elements and customize
your website
to look exactly like you need it.
Play around with different design structures,
motion effects, colors, typography,
and other
style settings in
one place.

Convert any website to
WordPress with AI

Want to convert your Wix, Squarespace or other CMS website to
WordPress? Reduce hours of manual work to minutes with the help of AI.

  • Simply insert the
    homepage URL
  • AI will copy the layout, design elements, and content
  • Customize with 10Web editor based on Elementor
  • Add more pages and complete your website
Convert any website to WordPress with AI

AI Website Builder gives your
a jumpstart

Thousands of people have already transformed their website
process with this revolutionary AI solution.

Tyler, L.

I’ve tried several website builders in the past, but none have compared
to the speed and simplicity of 10Web AI Website Builder. My new website perfectly matches my business goals. It was a fast and hassle-free
website building experience.

Tyler, L.

Jorge, M.

10Web AI Website Builder has revolutionized the way I build websites for my clients. The AI technology simplifies the entire process, allowing me to create stunning, custom websites in just minutes.

Jorge, M.

William, J.

As a small business owner, I never thought I could have
a professional-looking website without spending a fortune.
Thanks to 10Web AI Website Builder, I now have a beautiful
website and it only took me minutes to create.

William, J.

100s of influencers love
10Web AI Website Builder

Get a first look at how the 10Web AI Website Builder has become
a game-changer
in the digital landscape. Join the conversation
and experience the power of this cutting-edge
website builder for yourself.



This is amazing - you can literally make a completely customised website with a few clicks.

AI Website Builder


Here’s how to build a website under 5 minutes with AI.

AI Website Builder


Powerful AI Tool to Create professional websites in seconds

AI Website Builder

AI Website Builder - 💻 - Find the best AI Tools to supercharge your business 🦸🏼

AI Website Builder


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Who can use 10Web AI Website Builder?
10Web AI Builder is for anyone looking to create a website for their business, whether it's a small startup or a large enterprise.
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Is there a free trial available?
You will be able to go through the generative AI flow during onboarding and you will have a one week free trial to build and explore your AI generated website. For more information on AI website generator please visit our pricing page.
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Is there any limit to AI Website Builder?
You can generate content and images for a template once within your free trial. After upgrading, the limits will depend on your plan. For more information on AI visit our pricing page.
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How does the AI Website Builder work?
To create a website using AI Builder, all you have to do is answer a short questionnaire and our generative AI tool will create tailored content and images based on your answers.
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Is 10Web AI Website Builder easy to use?
Yes, the Builder is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any coding skills. You can create your AI website by simply answering a few questions about your business.
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How much does 10Web AI Website Builder cost?
The cost of the Builder depends on the plan you choose. We offer different pricing plans to suit the needs of different users. You can view our pricing plans and compare the features of each plan on our pricing page.
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Does 10Web AI Website Builder offer templates?
AI website generator offers a selection of pre-made pages that you can use as a starting point to add new pages to your AI generated website.
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Can I add custom design elements to my website created with 10Web Builder?
Yes, the Builder is based on Elementor, which offers a variety of premium widgets and customization options.
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Does 10Web AI Website Builder offer hosting services?
Yes, the Builder provides hosting services for your AI website, so you don't have to worry about finding a separate hosting provider.
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Can I use my own domain with 10Web AI Website Builder?
Yes, you can use your own domain with 10Web AI Website Builder.