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Leverage the power of AI to
write and perfect
content 10X faster,
and Classic Editor.

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    content with AI
  • CheckmarkFix SEO and readability
    errors in Yoast SEO
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    SEO-optimized content
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AI Assistant

AI Writing
Assistant works
where you do

Write premium content
10X faster with AI, without leaving your
Gutenberg and Classic Editor environment.
Fix SEO and readability
errors directly within Yoast SEO.

Think bigger with
the AI Writing
Assistant by
your side

AI Writing Assistant
20+ content templates
Document editor
Generate content faster with AI Assistant

AI Writing Assistant
for WordPress

AI Writing Assistant works where you work.
Use our AI to write SEO-optimized content
in Gutenberg and Classic Editor.

  • CheckmarkBlog post outline
  • CheckmarkIntro paragraph
  • CheckmarkConclusion/summary
  • CheckmarkParagraph generator
  • CheckmarkParaphrase

20+ content templates

Don't know where to start?
Get rid of your writer's block with the help of AI. Choose from our selection
of prompts for dozens of tailored use cases:

  • CheckmarkCompose content faster
  • CheckmarkImprove messaging
  • CheckmarkWrite product descriptions
  • CheckmarkSimplify texts based on audience
  • CheckmarkGenerate blog outlines,
    and more

Document editor

Start with a blank canvas – create and edit entire documents right in the 10Web dashboard.

  • CheckmarkFeature-rich editor
  • CheckmarkFlexible text structure and formatting
  • CheckmarkBetter suited for long-form content

Improve your
website SEO with AI

Increase your website rankings
and fix all the SEO
errors with

10Web AI Assistant SEO Pack.

  • CheckmarkGenerate or paraphrase meta
    descriptions and titles
  • CheckmarkAutomatically fix SEO and
    readability errors
  • CheckmarkAutomatically fix keyphrase
    and passive voice errors
  • CheckmarkFix paragraph/sentence length
  • CheckmarkFix subheading distribution
Improve your website SEO with AI

Let AI unlock your creative potential

By seamlessly integrating into your everyday working environment,
the AI Writing Assistant
helps create high-quality original content.

Blog post

Write the article title and let
AI Writing Assistant handle
the rest for you.

Blog post

Website content

Create landing pages with various frameworks (PAS, AIDA), FAQs and headlines faster than ever before.

Website content

Press release

Generate press release content without being a PR expert.

Press release


Write original product descriptions and accelerate your sales.



Generate original and persuasive
copies that are designed to



Automatically fix SEO and
errors. Generate
and meta descriptions.


AI Writing Assistant transforms
your workflow

Do not just take our word for it. AI Writing Assistant has changed
the way people approach work.

Michael M

I’ve been using 10Web’s AI Assistant for my writing projects and it’s been a game changer! And the fact that I can do all of it inside WordPress is mind-blowing. Fixing SEO and readability errors is another major benefit.

Michael M


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Is the content generated by AI Assistant original and plagiarism-free?

Yes, absolutely. AI Assistant automatically creates plagiarism-free, human-like content in seconds.
It uses the top large language models like GPT3 to create high quality text.

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Is there any limit on how much content I can generate with AI Assistant?

You can generate up to 2.000 words each month with your free account. For more information
on AI Assistant Pro please visit our pricing page.

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Is there a free trial available?

With your free AI Assistant account, you can generate up to 2.000 words each month.
You can get started for free here.

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How does AI Assistant work?

10Web AI Assistant works by using existing content on your website. It then generates new,
unique content that is optimized for SEO and engagement. The AI assistant can be integrated
with your WordPress website, and you can use it to create new posts, pages, and other types
of content, including images.

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What technology does AI Assistant use?

AI Assistant is powered by GPT-3, a revolutionary 175 billion parameter autoregressive language
model and other large language models. It uses DALL-E-2 and other models for image generation. Additionally,
we use the Davinci model for the text, which is the best model in the market. We also use our own AI technology.

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What are the benefits of using 10Web AI Assistant?

10Web AI Assistant offers a number of benefits, including:

  • 10x faster content generation: With the AI assistant, you can generate new content much faster
    than you would be able to manually.
  • Improved SEO: The AI assistant generates content that is optimized for SEO, helping to improve
    your website's search engine rankings.
  • Increased engagement: The AI assistant generates content that is optimized for engagement,
    helping to increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • Easy integration with WordPress: The AI Assistant is easily integrated with your WordPress website,
    directly in your favorite plugins and editor.
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How much does 10Web AI Assistant cost?

The cost of 10Web AI Assistant depends on the plan you choose. We offer different pricing
plans to suit the needs of different users. You can view our pricing plans and compare
the features of each on our pricing page.

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Is 10Web AI Assistant compatible with other plugins and themes?

Yes, AI Assistant is compatible with most popular WordPress plugins and themes. If you have
any questions about compatibility, please contact our support team for more information.

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What will I get from AI Assistant Pro?

You will get unlimited connected websites, short and long writing and input length, 20+ templates,
10.000+ words depending on your plan, and a lot more.


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*For technical questions and inquiries
please contact our 24/7
support team
via the live chat.

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