10 Best Places to Sell Photos Online and Make Money

10 Best places to sell photos online

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving…”

Aaron Siskind had a point with this famous words.

However, photography today is no longer just art and feeling, it’s also a way to make money. And even though the latter doesn’t sound as romantic from an artist’s perspective, it still is crucial for making a living.

selling photos

There are many publications such as online magazines, blogs, catalogs that are ready to pay you if they like your art. So let’s go ahead and discover 10 amazing websites that offer the opportunity to sell images online and increase your income.

1. Shutterstock


15+ years. More than $500 million paid to contributors from all over the world. Over 200 million images and other content (music, video).

The greatest thing about Shutterstock is that your ownership of the images is protected: you can put watermarks on the images! Once you become a contributor, you will get monthly payments from Shutterstock, 20-30% for each image download.

2. Etsy


Mose people familiar with Etsy think of it as a great place to shop for handmade original presents. But that does not diminish its relevance as a place to sell your photographs. This handbook literally explains all the ways you can sell your images on Etsy.

Why should you pick Etsy as the platform for selling your photographs? For one, Etsy has a huge audience and an army of fans. The potential number of users that might view your art exceeds 30 million.

Another plus is getting to choose the prices of your own photographs. However, there is a downside: succeeding on Etsy demands a lot of marketing and might not be the comfiest option for newbies.

3. Alamy


Alamy might not be the most popular option for selling stock images, as it has fewer users than some alternatives but it can still be an excellent choice for you. Your rights as an author are gonna be reserved and you will have no copyright issues.

Plus, Alamy has higher compensation rate than most other websites: You earn 50% of each photograph sold. Speaking of numbers, more than $180 million has been paid to photographers already.

4. iStock


iStock, one of the most popular websites among photographers, still has a few disadvantages alongside its many advantages. It’s a wonderful place to get started with, as the website structure and rules for getting started are very simple.

However, you’ll only be paid 15% of the money made by selling your image, at least initially. If you grow popular, you can increase your royalty payment up to 45%.

It’s also important to note that if you agree to sell your photos exclusively on iStock, you become a committed user and as a reward get paid a 22-45% share from your sells.

5. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Once called Fotolia, today’s Adobe Stock has a very long path behind in the world of online photo markets. Having been in the big market for more than 10 years, it’s one of the oldest stock image selling markets.

The royalty share varies from 20% to 60% depending on your popularity and commitment, and the payments to contributors are made on a monthly basis.

6. SmugMug


You might have been waiting for this exact option to start selling your photographs. With SmugMug, you get to set the prices of your own photographs.

Moreover, you also have the opportunity to choose a plan and make use of the power of the “Pro” bundle, offering you “one-click” e-commerce means.

Finally, you’re paid 85% of the money made by selling your images and can sell your photos in form of downloadable images, postcards, and printouts. There you go!

7. 500px


If you’re looking for a great free place to get started with, 500px is the one for you. Here you can create an absolutely free portfolio and showcase your best works.

There are lots of amazing contests you can easily take part in which is not surprising taking into account the huge number of artsy photos on 500px. Your authorship here is protected as well. You can also earn up to 60% out of your sales, if you sell your photographs on 500px exclusively.

8. DreamsTime


This is one of the most competitive websites for selling photography online. The share of the photographer might vary from 20-60% based on such criteria as originality, popularity of the artist and, of course, the exclusiveness of the image itself.

If you’re granting DreamsTime the exclusive right to selling your images, you earn an additional 10% share as gratitude.

However, you can only request payments through the official website after the payment amount has reached $100.

9. Getty ImagesGetty Images

Pretty sure you’ve heard of Getty images at least once. It is currently the largest and most popular stock image supplier among businesses.

An overall of 80 million images says a lot, doesn’t it? As a collection of tons of creative and original photographs, Getty is an amazing place to demonstrate your talent, especially taking into account that the names of the photographers appear right beneath their works.

However, Getty has certain rules when it comes to which images they consider “website material,” e.g. images of purely super-descriptive nature aren’t gonna be considered.

10. Bigstock


This website has a rich history. With over 43 million royalty images and a really easy setup system, Bigstock lets a contributor earn up to 30% of the sale price. A contributor can earn $0.25-0.5 on each image download.

You get freedom of choice when it comes to the payment method – Paypal, bank check, etc. – and you’re free to upload as many photos as you like.

Of course, you understand that none of these sites is going to pay for just hardly average or low-quality photography. You’re gonna have to work real hard on your art and marketing skills to break through. If you want to travel the world and just keep getting paid, look for a more passive income option.

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