Managed WordPress Hosting

Have an exciting experience launching your website today on our all in one platform.


All hosting management is done through our unified 10Web dashboard, along with all other 10 components. Whether you want to add a domain, access your hosting info, log into phpMyAdmin, manage logs, redirects, and backups, the dashboard is here to make it as easy as possible.



With the help of our WordPress gurus and understanding of the customer needs we created a majestic all inclusive 10 component platform. Cloud hosting is the first and one of the most important components of our platform.

  • Google Cloud
  • The Ultimate Speed
  • Elastic Scaling
  • Staging Areas
  • Advanced Backup Service
  • Caching
  • Automatic Migration

Google Cloud

10Web hosting is powered by Google Cloud, which makes it extremely fast and secure. As a result, 10Web hosting uses multiple data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia, so you can select the data center close to your website visitors, minimizing data transfer time between user and server.

The Ultimate Speed

We use state of the art technologies to ensure super fast website load.
Your site gets absolute data isolation, automatic scalability, and high availability for visitors.

  • Nginx
  • LXD containers
  • PHP7

Elastic Scaling

Elastic scaling means our computational resources adjust based on the site load.
Sudden surges in visitors will never make your site go down! You only have to pay for the extra resources at your time of usage.
Hosting elasticity is the most important feature for mankind, of course after the invention of the wheel.

Staging Areas

Each WordPress website gets its own staging environment, so you can test out that important update or drastic change on a clone of your site before going live. When you’re ready, you can push your staging site to live with a single click.

Advanced Backup Service

Our amazing backup service supports differential backups in live mode.
You can backup the whole website or only some part of its files and store your data on Amazon S3.
For more protection we have also added a system level day-to-day backup solution: You will always have access to
day-to-day site restore points from the previous 10 days. 10Web reliably holds you back throughout all the possible
cataclysms including hacks and crushes.

  • Cloud storage

    The cloud is the perfect place to keep your backups.
    Store your backups in a 10Web cloud storage in Amazon S3.

  • One - click restore

    Quickly and easily restore the latest version of your website with a single click from your 10Web dashboard.

  • Automatic backup

    Take full control of your website backups. Set a schedule to automatically backup your website daily, weekly or monthly.


Nginx FastCGI page caching will improve your server response time and make your website’s load time that much lower.
Your faster website has higher ranking potential on Google which will be the best gift for your search engine optimization specialist. All you gonna do
is an one click activation on our amazing dashboard.

Automatic Migration

With 10Web you won’t lose any time migrating your site. We have built a fully automated migration service,
so you can get your website on 10Web hosting in minutes. We’ll assign a temporary domain to your migrated
site, so you can make performance comparisons with your current hosting and ultimately move to 10Web.

Customer care means leave it to us.

The moment you become our Customer is the exact moment we start caring about your website along with its security, speed and uptime. The whole team from the engineers to the CEO, from the journalist to the designers forms our legendary “10Web care”.
Meaning we are by your side 24/7.
Our focus on constant betterment results in:

  • Low response time

    You’ll never have to wait more than
    5 minutes or so for a response.

  • Quick issue resolution

    Resolving an issue takes 24 hours max, no matter the time zone or day of the week.