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The Most Powerful Drag&Drop WordPress Form Builder

Create forms of any complexity in a few minutes


Do you spend a lot of time creating a great form?

Are you struggling to find the perfect form plugin?

Is it hard to match your forms with website’s design?

Is it difficult to create long and complex forms?


Drag&Drop Form Builder

Build functional forms with just a few clicks without writing any code.

Submission Management

Track and export all your entries, set automatic email replies, and more.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Your forms will look perfect on all screen sizes: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Spam Protection

Add captchas and block IPs to protect your website from spam.

All Field Types

Choose from 43 different form field types to create just the form you have in mind.

Payments are easy

Collect payments and donations using builtin PayPal and Stripe gateway integrations.

Easy to Embed

Embed forms into blog posts or display them as popups, top bars or scroll boxes.

Conditional Logic

Creating forms with advanced conditional logic has never been easier.

Form Templates

Use one of the 5 pre-built form templates to save even more time.

Multi-Page Forms

Split long forms into multiple pages for better UX.

Customizable Themes

Pick one of 15 beautiful fully customizable themes to fit your design.

File Uploads

Allow users to upload files along with form entries.

Tune Up With Extensions

Extensions Available in Plugins Bundle

Save Form Progress

Let your users save incomplete entries so they can continue whenever they want.

Conditional Mailing

Send custom email notifications to recipients depending on submitted forms.


Export forms and entries as XML files and then import them into another website.


Receive real-time notifications on your phone whenever a user submits a new entry.

Mailchimp Integration

Build Mailchimp signup forms and grow your list of leads.

WordPress Registration

Create WordPress user registration forms and grow your website’s user base.

Post Generation

Allow your users to submit guest posts through form submission.

Dropbox Integration

Upload form entry attachments directly to Dropbox.

Google Drive Integration

Store all received form attachments directly on your Google Drive.

PDF Integration

Create PDFs using content from submitted entries.


Let your users make credit card payments via Stripe, and receive the payments directly to your bank account.


Create forms with automatically calculated fields.

Customer Care

Fast response time

You’ll never have to wait more than 5 minutes.

Quick issue resolution

Resolving an issue takes 24 hours max.

Ask any question anytime

We’re ready to take on any WordPress question.

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4.5 Based on 677 Real Users Reviews
FINALLY!! A form plugin that does it all !!! A contact form that allows me to place fields in columns (many form editors SUCK at this point- never again “Smart Grid-Layout Design”), a contact form that works (never again “Contact Form 7”), and one that stores contacts/messages (never again “CF7” which needs “Flamingo”). Thank you thank you thank you Form Maker (by Form Builder Team)!! You are the ONLY contact form plugin that f*cking WORKS out of the box!
If I could give this plugin more than 5 stars I would! The level of control is extremely nice – even with the free version – though I quickly purchased the PRO version! And the level of customer service in troubleshooting forum questions is incredible! Very impressed with the plugin – but even more so with the way they interact with and help users get to what they need! Great job guys!!
This is the best plugin for creating functional forms and very user friendly even for the none technical users. Absolutely recommend everyone to use this one. Thanks a lot guys!!!

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