4.5 619 reviews

Form Maker

4.5 619 reviews

Form Maker is a modern and advanced plugin that provides the best solution for creating responsive WordPress Forms easily and in a timely manner.



Effortlessly create any responsive form using drag&drop interface with conditional logic. With around 2m downloads Form Maker is the most user friendly and functional WordPress form plugin.

Fields Types

The Form plugin comes with 43 field types to help you create exactly the form you need in a quick and easy manner.

Customizable Emails

Send customized emails to your users as well as website administrators upon submission for any given form.

Form templates

The form builder plugin comes with 5 pre-built templates, which you can use as they are or customize to better fit your needs.


Design your forms by simply using any of the 15 themes provided by the plugin. You can easily change any option of the themes to fit your preferences.

Multiple display options

Display embedded forms, popups, top bars and scroll boxes on any page/post on your site. Set form display frequency, loading delay, position and more.

Payment Options

Simplify the payment process for your visitors by integrating PayPal and Stripe. Customize payment options, shipping settings, and other attributes.

Manage Submissions

View and manage the submissions for each form. See number of entries, number of views and the conversion rate and more.

Spam Protection

Protect your website from spammy activities by adding Recaptcha, Simple Captcha or Arithmetic Captcha.


Enhance the functionality of your forms by installing any of the integrative extensions available along with the Form Maker.

Tune up form maker with 12 extensions


Need to save partially completed forms? Then this extension will come in handy. Save Progress allows you to save the incomplete forms, return later and pick up right where they left off.


Conditional Emails extension makes your forms more powerful by allowing you to send multiple, custom email notifications to different recipients depending on the forms submitted.


Moving your form submissions to a different location doesn’t have to be complicated and frustrating. Export your data in CSV or XML format files and import them to another location or website in just a few simple steps.


Form Maker Pushover integration allows to receive real-time notifications when a user submits a new form. This means messages can be pushed to Android and Apple devices, as well as desktop notification board.

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Compare Form Maker Free & Premium Features

Free Version
Paid Version
Responsive Design and Layout
11 sample form templates
15 customizable themes
Submissions Management
Multi-page forms
Fully Customizable Layout
Export submissions to CSV/XML
Conditional logic / formatting
Customizable Emails
Customizable Thank You Page
Number of Forms
Number of fields in one form
File Upload field
PayPal Integration
Google Maps API Integration
Front-End Submissions
Priority Support & Updates

Free version of the plugin is available for download on wordpress.org

Add modern and advanced forms to your website!

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