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Most Powerful Google Analytics Plugin

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Most Powerful Google Analytics Plugin Most Powerful Google Analytics Plugin

Is Google Analytics hard to use?

Is it hard to customize Google Analytics reports?

Tired of leaving your website to track your visitors?

Can’t find how to monitor very specific metrics?


All Analytics Reports

Every type of report you could ask for, straight to your admin area.

Custom Reports

Pick the dimensions and metrics and decide how they should be displayed.

Front-End Reports

Present page traffics and statistics on frontend of a website.

WordPress Dimensions

Setup Users, Post Type, Category, Publications date and Tags as custom dimensions.

E-Commerce Tracking

Check revenues, and more with e-commerce reports.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive custom notifications and alerts on specific triggers.

Goal Management

Add and manage goals all within your WP dashboard.

CSV Export and Email

Export reports in CSV and send automated email reports.

Adsense & Google Ads Integration

Data from Google Ads and Adsense accounts to your WP dashboard.

Custom Tracking Code

Set custom tracking codes to exclude traffic from certain users, role types, IP address, country, city or region.

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4.5 Based on 97 Real Users Reviews
Easy to use, awesome options, like it a lot. When using the plugin you do not need to access to your account at Google Analytics. The plugin provides almost all the options available on analytics. One of the most important features is that it is fully responsive. I had been using Google Analytics by Monster Insights for a long time and switched to Google Analytics Plugin – it’s all in one plugin.
The only thing that i can say is “Just try it!” After having this plugin you’ll understand that all the Analytics Plugins you checked before just had zero functionality.
This is one of the plugins I use for every single site I set up. Reliable, useful and top-notch. Thank you!

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