4.5 84 reviews

Google Maps

4.5 84 reviews

Add responsive and fully configurable Google Maps to your website and let your visitors know where you’re located.

Free version of the plugin is available for download on wordpress.org


Easily insert customizable maps to make sure your visitors never get lost. Denote multiple locations, change map design, and direct users in 4 different modes.

Marker Icon builder

Can’t find an icon you need among over 100 ready-made ones? Create custom markers with preferred coloring and icons.

Marker categories

Segment your markers into categories and subcategories and make it easy for your site visitors to find markers of a certain type.


Draw visitors to a specific area on your map by adding colorful circles, polygons, polylines and rectangles on the map.


Let visitors get directions to your business or any other marker on the map in 4 different modes - Driving, Walking, Bicycling and Transit.

Store Locator

Display multiple locations within a specific area, and let users search for markers based on address,marker category and radius.

Map themes

Choose from the pre-built themes or design your own map theme with the easy to use editor to give your maps the look you want.

Map Layers

Add bicycle, transit, and traffic layers to the maps, and let your visitors see real time traffic information, bicycle paths,and public transportation network of a certain area.


Need to add the same data to a different map? Export and import Markers, Rectangles, Circles, Polygons and Polylines in .xlsx format without hassle.