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Why choose 10Web AI-Powered WordPress Platform? plus minus

Being the first AI-Powered WordPress Platform, 10Web is packed with powerful features like:

  • AI-assisted website builder, which lets you recreate the design & functionality of any website and create infinite templates.
  • Automatic 90+ PageSpeed score for both desktop and mobile, which will provide you a competitive edge, boost SEO and conversion rates.
  • User and Team Management, which allows you to create a workspace and collaborate with your team members and clients in real time.
  • 1-Click Migration, helping you smoothly move any website to 10Web with a single click without additional fees or headache.
  • Multiple website management from a single intuitive dashboard.
  • Real-time backups and top-notch security will save your time and give you a peace of mind, fostering trust between you and your clients.
How do websites on 10Web get a 90+ PageSpeed score? plus minus

With 10Web, you don't need to go into the technicalities of the process, you just get a 90+ PageSpeed score automatically, both for mobile and desktop. We are the ones keeping close track of the ever-changing Google algorithm and updating our automated speed optimization service as we go along.

How much faster will my website be with 10Web? plus minus

It depends on how fast your website is right now but we can assure you that migrating any website to 10Web accelerates it. In 2020, PageSpeed scores averaged at 44 for desktop and 31 for mobile.

10Web, on the other hand, guarantees that your and your clients’ websites will get an automatic 90+ PageSpeed score both for mobile and desktop once migrated to 10Web.

What is AI Website Builder? plus minus

10Web's AI-assisted website builder will let you recreate the design of any website you like – and that's without copying a single line of code!

All you need to do is paste the URL of the website and let the AI Website Builder work its magic. You'll get a functional, beautiful WordPress copy of a site you like in a matter of minutes and can start customizing its content.

Can I use AI Website Builder for non-WordPress websites? plus minus

Absolutely! Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, non-Wordpress… You name it. You will get a fully customizable WordPress copy of any website, now hosted on 10Web, with just a few clicks.

Is it possible to edit all the sections of the recreated website? plus minus

Definitely. Any aspect or section of the recreated website, from headers and footers to carousels and social media icons, is easily customizable with 10Web's intuitive drag & drop editor based on Elementor.

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