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Managed WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress installs
    WordPress installs
    Every install also includes a free staging environment for testing plugins, themes, and updates.
  • Monthly Visits
    Monthly Visits
    Visits are measured by the total monthly unique traffic (IPs) to your site These visits are shared across the plan.
  • SSD Storage
    SSD Storage
    All servers use fastest SSD storage on Google Cloud with built-in redundancy to ensure data integrity.
  • Google cloud platform
    Google cloud platform
    Powered by Google Cloud, 10Web hosting is extremely fast and secure.
  • 8 datacenter locations
    8 datacenter locations
    Choose between 8 global data center locations for each WordPress install. Your site should be closer to your visitors.
  • Staging area
    Staging area
    Stage and test the coming updates on your website's clone before publishing them.
  • Automatic migration
    Automatic migration
    Move your website from any other host with a few easy clicks.
  • Automatic daily backups
    Automatic daily backups
    Automatic daily system level backups are generated for all sites. You can restore a website with a single-click.
  • PHP 7.4 support
    PHP 7.4 support
    Use the latest and safest version of PHP on 10Web hosting.
  • Premium DNS
    Premium DNS
    Link the IPs to domains with a fast and secure Domain Name Service
  • Free SSL certificates
    Free SSL certificates
    You can get a free one-click SSL using Let's Encrypt integration.
  • Imported SSL certificates
    Imported SSL certificates
    You can also install your own certificate if required

Manage Websites

  • Number of connected websites
    Number of connected websites
    Connect your website to 10Web and use all 9 components except hosting.

Real-time Backup

  • Cloud storage
    Cloud storage
    Backup files are safely stored in AWS S3 Cloud
  • Sync technology
    Sync technology
    To save your time and space, only the changes that occurred after the last full backup are saved.
  • One-click backup of whole site
    One-click backup of whole site
    Just click once and your website backup is ready
  • One-click restore
    One-click restore
    If something unpleasant happened, you're empowered to restore the full latest version of your website in just a click.
  • Backup download
    Backup download
    For extra-caution you can download your backups and have them at hand.
  • Real-time scheduling
    Real-time scheduling
    Schedule your active website to automatically backup every single hour
  • Customized backup
    Customized backup
    No intentions for a full backup? Customize your backup by manually selecting the files you want to backup.

Website Speed

  • Performance service
    Performance service
    The amazing service scans your website for reasons of slow speed and you get insightful tips on performance improvement.
  • Image optimization service
    Image optimization service
    Compress your high resolution images for up to 90% without major quality loss.
  • Automatic optimization
    Automatic optimization
    The service will automatically optimize every image you upload to your website.
  • Caching
    Cache your website with Nginx FastCGI for faster load.

Website Builder

  • AI Website Builder
  • Templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor based on Elementor
  • 30+ 10Web Premium Widgets
    30+ 10Web Premium Widgets
    We have enhanced Elementor with our 30 or so premium widgets.

50+ Premium Plugins

  • Premium plugins
    Premium plugins
    Get the full range of features provided by our advanced premium plugins.
  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery
    Present your images in various elegant styles via the best gallery plugin on the market.
  • Form Maker
    Form Maker
    The most advanced and beautiful form builder plugin
  • Event Calendar
    Event Calendar
    A solid, feature-rich calendar and events management system
  • Slider
    Create sliders to elegantly present your images and videos with different effects and in a number of styles.
  • Instagram Feed
    Instagram Feed
    Add beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive Instagram feeds to your website
  • Third-party plugin management
    Third-party plugin management
    Effortlessly manage plugins by all possible sources from the same unified dashboard.

Security Scanner

  • Scan for known security issues
    Scan for known security issues
    Scheduled, automatic scanning for security issues in your current versions of WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
  • Scan for file changes
    Scan for file changes
    Periodical scans to detect any unwanted change made to your files.
  • Restore original files
    Restore original files
    Get back the undamaged files with only one click.

SEO Plugin

  • Search Analytics
    Search Analytics
    Get complete info on the search data, including queries, clicks, impressions, CTR, and position on Google.
  • Technical Analysis
    Technical Analysis
    Automatically scan your website to identify technical problems and get suggestions to improve the readability of your posts and pages.
  • Search Console page
    Search Console page
    Go to the search console page to add missing keywords, adjust meta description for pages and fix XML sitemap issues.
  • Canonicalization and Redirects
    Canonicalization and Redirects
    Easily avoid duplicate pages and 404 errors by implementing canonical tags and redirects.
  • Keyword rankings
    Keyword rankings
    Easily find your top keywords and check their ranking right from the dashboard.


  • Visitor demographic reports
    Visitor demographic reports
    A full analysis of your visitors, including by age and gender, geographical location and interests, etc.
  • Frontend reports
    Frontend reports
    Get post statistics right on the front page.
  • Ecommerce tracking
    Ecommerce tracking
    Follow and visualize the trends and sales of your online shop.
  • Goal management
    Goal management
    Add new goals and manage them through the dashboard.
  • Custom Reports
    Custom Reports
    Choose your preferred metric/dimension, track it, and customize data accordingly.

24/7 Customer Care

  • Email assistance
  • Realtime chatbox assistance
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