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Pricing Details

1 Month Free and 65% Lifetime Discount.

Billed Monthly


Billed Monthly


Billed Monthly


Managed WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress installs
    WordPress installs
    Every install also includes a free staging environment for testing plugins, themes, and updates.
  • Monthly Visits
    Monthly Visits
    Visits are measured by the total monthly unique traffic (IPs) to your site These visits are shared across the plan.
  • SSD Storage
    SSD Storage
    All servers use fastest SSD storage on Google Cloud with built-in redundancy to ensure data integrity.
  • Google cloud platform
    Google cloud platform
    Powered by Google Cloud, 10Web hosting is extremely fast and secure.
  • 3 datacenter locations
    3 datacenter locations
    Choose between 3 global data center locations for each WordPress install. Your site should be closer to your visitors.
  • Staging area
    Staging area
    Stage and test the coming updates on your website’s clone before publishing them.
  • Automatic migration
    Automatic migration
    Move your website from any other host with a few easy clicks.
  • Automatic daily backups
    Automatic daily backups
    Automatic daily system level backups are generated for all sites. You can restore a website with a single-click.
  • PHP 7 support
    PHP 7 support
    Use the latest and safest version of PHP on 10Web hosting.
  • Premium DNS
    Premium DNS
    Link the IPs to domains with a fast and secure Domain Name Service
    2 zones
    5 zones
    15 zones
  • Free SSL certificates
    Free SSL certificates
    You can get a free one-click SSL using Let’s Encrypt integration.
  • Imported SSL certificates
    Imported SSL certificates
    You can also install your own certificate if required

Effortless Site Builder

  • Elementor free
    Elementor free
    Elementor is the best and most popular builder out there.
  • 10Web widget bundle (Coming soon)
    10Web widget bundle (Coming soon)
    We have enhanced Elementor with our 40 or so premium widgets.

Stunning Design

  • 6 premium themes
    6 premium themes
    business and news themes

50+ Premium Plugins

  • Premium plugins
    Premium plugins
    Get the full range of features provided by our advanced premium plugins.
  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery
    Present your images in various elegant styles via the best gallery plugin on the market.
  • Form Maker
    Form Maker
    The most advanced and beautiful form builder plugin
  • Event Calendar
    Event Calendar
    A solid, feature-rich calendar and events management system
  • Slider
    Create sliders to elegantly present your images and videos with different effects and in a number of styles.
  • Instagram Feed
    Instagram Feed
    Add beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive Instagram feeds to your website
  • Third-party plugin management
    Third-party plugin management
    Effortlessly manage plugins by all possible sources from the same unified dashboard.

Backup Solution

  • Cloud storage
    Cloud storage
    Backup files are safely stored in AWS S3 Cloud
  • Sync technology
    Sync technology
    To save your time and space, only the changes that occurred after the last full backup are saved.
  • One-click backup of whole site
    One-click backup of whole site
    Just click once and your website backup is ready
  • One-click restore
    One-click restore
    If something unpleasant happened, you’re empowered to restore the full latest version of your website in just a click.
  • Backup download
    Backup download
    For extra-caution you can download your backups and have them at hand.
  • Real-time scheduling
    Real-time scheduling
    Schedule your active website to automatically backup every single hour
  • Customized backup
    Customized backup
    No intentions for a full backup? Customize your backup by manually selecting the files you want to backup.

High-Class Security

  • Scan for known security issues
    Scan for known security issues
    Scheduled, automatic scanning for security issues in your current versions of WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
  • Scan for file changes
    Scan for file changes
    Periodical scans to detect any unwanted change made to your files.
  • Restore original files
    Restore original files
    Get back the undamaged files with only one click.

Website Speed

  • Performance service
    Performance service
    The amazing service scans your website for reasons of slow speed and you get insightful tips on performance improvement.
  • Image optimization service
    Image optimization service
    Compress your high resolution images for up to 90% without major quality loss.
  • Automatic optimization
    Automatic optimization
    The service will automatically optimize every image you upload to your website.
  • Caching
    Cache your website with Nginx FastCGI for faster load.


  • Search Analytics
    Search Analytics
    Get complete info on the search data, including queries, clicks, impressions, CTR, and position on Google.
  • Technical Analysis
    Technical Analysis
    Automatically scan your website to identify technical problems and get suggestions to improve the readability of your posts and pages.
  • Search Console page
    Search Console page
    Go to the search console page to add missing keywords, adjust meta description for pages and fix XML sitemap issues.
  • Canonicalization and Redirects
    Canonicalization and Redirects
    Easily avoid duplicate pages and 404 errors by implementing canonical tags and redirects.
  • Keyword rankings
    Keyword rankings
    Easily find your top keywords and check their ranking right from the dashboard.


  • Visitor demographic reports
    Visitor demographic reports
    A full analysis of your visitors, including by age and gender, geographical location and interests, etc.
  • Frontend reports
    Frontend reports
    Get post statistics right on the front page.
  • Ecommerce tracking
    Ecommerce tracking
    Follow and visualize the trends and sales of your online shop.
  • Goal management
    Goal management
    Add new goals and manage them through the dashboard.
  • Custom Reports
    Custom Reports
    Choose your preferred metric/dimension, track it, and customize data accordingly.

Technical Support

  • Email assistance
  • Realtime chatbox assistance

10 Components to Make Your Wordpress Website Better

Effortlessly create a stunning WordPress website for your business and entirely manage it from a unified intuitive dashboard. Save time and money building your site with the next generation of services.


Managed WordPress Hosting

A site is only as good as its hosting. You can launch your website today on our cloud hosting solving all scale, speed, and management issues all at once.
We bring innovative technologies to WordPress.

Google Cloud Platform
One click migration

Effortless Site Builder

We’ve improved the most popular WP page builder Elementor with premium widgets so you can easily realize all your ideas. You can build a well-designed and highly functional website of your dreams in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.


Stunning Design

Explore new and exciting ways to design in a sleek and visually stunning style. Our designer-made themes will make sure you never miss a business opportunity because of a poorly designed website.


50+ Premium Plugins

You need a dynamic and multi-functional website to successfully present yourself and your brand online. No matter if you’re running an ecommerce store or a personal blog, the 50+ premium plugins we’ve created will extend your website’s functionality to match your targets and needs.

Form Maker by 10Web
Google Maps by 10Web

Backup Solution

It’s a dangerous life, that of a website: hackers try to hack you, servers may go down, updates sometimes go wrong. Our differential backup service will ensure your website’s safety and reliability, so you can deal with more interesting things.

Cloud storage
One - click restore
Automatic backup

High-Class Security

As a website owner you’re in no position to compromise your customers’ and visitors’ trust. A single vulnerability could be fatal for your business. Invest in your peace of mind by assigning your website’s safety to our rigorous security service.

In-depth scanning
Original file restore
Unlimited and scheduled scans

Website Speed

Did you know that even half a second of delay in a page’s load time can cost your website a visitor? Keep a close track of your website’s speed and performance enhancing them with our caching and optimization services.

Image optimizer


Not doing SEO justice will harm your website's search engine rankings leading to predictably dire consequences. A well-ranked website, on the other hand, means you will easily reach your marketing and sales objectives. 10Web SEO service knows just how to go about it.

Technical SEO Audit
Position Tracking
Meta Information Box


Your website’s analytics means is not a mere visitor count. Monitoring, visualizing, and analyzing all of your website’s data shapes your future business strategy. Our service will allow you to keep constant track of your data for subsequent interpretation.

All Analytics Reports
Custom Dimensions
Ecommerce Tracking


This heart-shaped logo of our customer care team “10Web Care” symbolizes the high standards of proficiency, responsiveness, and effectiveness our tech support maintains. Whenever on the web you encounter this logo, you can be assured you are under 10Web support’s care and all queries will be quickly answered. Our dedication to continuous improvement shows in:

Quick issue resolution
Low response time