We bring premium WordPress security to your website to help you protect and secure your site from vulnerability issues.



It is extremely important to have your website protected. But there is no need to worry about hacker attempts and other security breaches if you have a reliable security solution. Trust your website security to 10Web advanced scanner.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our security service will audit the WP core and the plugins of your website for known vulnerability issues and alert you when your site has any security issues.

File Changes Scanning

Our scanning engine will monitor your site files for any changes, compare those to the original source and alert you if any suspicious changes are detected.

Original File Restore

You can figure out what changes have been made to your site files and if necessary, you can immediately restore the altered files to the original version.

Unlimited Scans

There is no limit on the number of scans you can perform. All our plans come in hand with unlimited scanning sessions for the full duration of the subscription.

Scheduled Scans

While most tools scan your website on demand, we understand that you may want to schedule regular automatic scans.(coming soon)

Trust Our Security Solution to Secure Your WordPress Website Today

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