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You Are About to Signup For Hosting Trial

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  • Do you suffer from shared
    hosting's speed?
  • Are you concerned about your
    website being secure?
  • Is managing & updating multiple
    WP websites a headache?
  • Are your websites ranking
    low on Google?
  • Tired of not getting answers to
    your support tickets?
  • Are your plugins, themes and

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How Your Website Hosted At 10Web Automatically
Gets A 95+ PageSpeed Score

  • Server Side Page Caching(Fast-CGI) Allows for the fast load time of web pages by storing request responses.
  • CSS & HTML Minification & Compression Minifies and compresses CSS & HTML into lightweight files, having a direct effect on the load time of your website.
  • Cache Preloading & GZIP Compression Preloading website pages warm up the cache and make the website faster. Gzip compression makes files smaller thus reducing the amount of time required to transfer a resource from the server to a browser.
  • JS Minification and Compression Minifies and compresses JS files into lightweight files for faster load time and data transfer.
  • Database Optimization Optimization of a database( MySQL) specifically designed for WordPress websites.
  • Defer JS and CSS Execution Defers the execution of JavaScript and CSS in HTML until page load completes. This gives priority to user experience, by loading the site for your visitors faster and then taking care of the rest for your site to function.
  • Image Optimization Compression of images of up to 40% without loss of original data and up to 90% without loss of quality. Automatically optimize images upon upload to keep your website running fast and smooth.
  • DNS Prefetching Inserts tags to reduce DNS resolution time.
  • Image Lazyload Loading of images as visitors scroll down the page, improving the load time of your website pages.
  • Font Swap To return your visitors queries faster, we display data with a generic font while your font is being fetched.
  • Conversion Image Format to WebP Compression of images up to 34% by converting to WebP format, keeping the size small and the quality rich. This results in a much faster website with great quality.
  • iFrame and Video Lazyload Loads iFrames and videos as visitors scroll down the page, improving load time of your website pages.
  • Container-specific Image Resizing Resizing of large images to fit smaller containers while maintaining its aspect ratio. Results in faster loading websites.
  • WooCommerce Optimized As safety of information is top priority, we have made WooCommerce fully compatible with the 10Web cache. No extra configuration is needed. All WooCommerce pages are automatically detected and not cached.

Move Your Website To 10Web For Free
With One Click Automated Migration

Free SSL Certificates
+ Security Service

  • Get free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with all 10Web hosting plans
  • Automatically renew expired certificates and enable the https function
  • Get security service with built-in log in limitations, scanning for vulnerabilities and file changes, DDoS protection, scanning and repair of hacked sites, constant monitoring, and support

Real-time Backups

  • Capture every version of the changes you make and schedule automatic real time, daily, weekly or monthly backups
  • Perform a full backup or backup the databases and files separately and keep them in AWS S3 storage space
  • Restore your website backups with a click without affecting your website’s performance

Site management from
a single dashboard

  • Host, build, and manage all your websites from a single dashboard
  • Install and automatically update WP core, plugins & themes from the most intuitive dashboard
  • Enable and control Backup service, SEO service, Security servicer from a single dashboard

24/7 Live chat support

  • Receive 24/7 live chat support within 1-2 minutes
  • Professional WordPress support team ready to handle any technical issue
  • Find additional information regarding a specific topic from Help Center articles and guides

Is Perfect For

  • Freelancers & Agencies

    Save your time building and managing all your super fast
    websites from a single dashboard

  • Small businesses

    Build your optimized website in under an hour,
    build your success forever

  • WooCommerce

    Build your online store super quickly and start getting

  • High traffic sites

    Scale your website on our super fast hosting
    without hustle


Powered by
Google Cloud

10Web is a Google Technology Partner
We use State of the Art Technologies to ensure High Quality WP Performance

Annual Save 20% with Annual Billing
Personal Premium Agency


Ideal fit for small
business or blog

$ 10 /mo

1 Website

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
    • 1 Hosted Site
    • 25K Monthly Visitors
    • 5GB SSD Storage
  • Real-time Backup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Security & SEO Scanner
  • 24/7 Customer Care


A great deal for
growing business

$ 24 /mo

3 Website

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
    • 3 Hosted Site
    • 100K Monthly Visitors
    • 15GB SSD Storage
  • Real-time Backup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Security & SEO Scanner
  • 24/7 Customer Care


A powerful deal for your
next-level business

$ 60 /mo

10 Website

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
    • 10 Hosted Site
    • 400K Monthly Visitors
    • 50GB SSD Storage
  • Real-time Backup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Security & SEO Scanner
  • 24/7 Customer Care
Monthly Annual

Get With All Plans

Drag & Drop website

builder based on Elementor

40 beautiful

website templates

premium plugins

Security & SEO

scanners & plugins


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Hear it from our clients

WordPress host and builder that works

This saves my time and the ability to build websites that are
hosted by a
team of amazing people working as hard as
possible to help you relieves
the stress i get with other services.

- Christopher Knightsbridge

142 Reviews Excellent

With 10web you really get a lot…

With 10web you really get a lot for your money.

Fast Google server hosting and a lot of premium plugins. And if you have

more than 1 site a great dashboard to manage them all from.

- Francis Speight

142 Reviews Excellent

Best platform ever for Wordpress…

Best platform ever for Wordpress hosting and maintaining the website.

Really good, fast and friendly support.

And it even helps you to improve your site ranking or speed.

- Robert Smid

142 Reviews Excellent

Migrate Your Websites
and Get a 95+
PageSpeed Score

  • Shared hosting 10Web hosting
  • PageSpeed Score
  • Load Time
  • Price $ 12 per-month $ 10 per-month

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