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Images Optimized

Is your website loading slowly?

Are you having trouble optimizing your images?

Is there a major quality loss when you compress the images?

Are you looking for ways to automate optimization?

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Automatic Optimization

Automatically optimize the images uploaded to your WordPress website.

Media Type Conversion

Convert jpg to png, gif to png, jpg to webP, and back.

Compression Modes

Choose between conservative, balanced or extreme compression modes.


Check your compression results and statistics.

Bulk Optimization

Optimize all your images in bulk.

PDF Optimization

Compress your pdf files and save space.

Up to 90% Image Compression

Make your images 10 times lighter.

Media Library Optimization

Optimize all images in your media library automatically.

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Images Optimized



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4.5 Based on 54 Real Users Reviews
I do as much as I can to optimize my own photos via Adobe Lightroom but this plugin gives me a little more storage. I like that it tells you percentage of reduction and visually I so no difference in quality.
I love this plugin. It’s easy to use and seems to speed up the time it takes to open up my web pages, which is full of graphics.
This plugin works very good and the images are well optimized. My website has lots of photos and through this image optimization now are downloaded fast, and the site is keeping the right speed. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much.  

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Optimize Your Images

Optimize Your Images

Speed up your website 3x

Speed up your website 3x

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