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You Are About to Signup For Hosting Trial

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So What Affects PageSpeed Score?

Hosting Provider &

You need high quality hosting with server side caching and super fast servers to decrease “First Time Bite” and ensure a high PageSpeed score.

Heavy CSS &
JavaScript Use

The visitor’s browser has to download and process these files before it can display the rest of the page, so having a lot of them ‘above the fold’ can negatively impact your site’s speed.

Poor Coding

Poor coding means a part of your WordPress code is taking too long to execute. There is a maximum execution time for PHP scripts. If a script takes longer, this fatal error occurs, which affects your PageSpeed score significantly.

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How To Fix It

Manual Way

Spend hours doing manual optimizations & buy various plugins/tools/hosting options to achieve your desired PageSpeed score

~ $50/mo

10Web Way

Move to 10Web hosting in minutes & get
90+ Mobile & Desktop PageSpeed score


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As a Google Cloud Partner 10Web provides high
quality hosting on next gen servers combined with
automated 90+ PageSpeed optimization

Enjoy the Fastest

WordPress Hosting

As a Google Cloud partner your website is hosted on
industry-leading infrastructure optimized for site speed, security, and scalability. We automatically keep your site up to date so you always have the latest security benefits available for your website.

Hosting powered by Google Cloud

Migrate All Your Websites for Free with

10Web’s Automated Migration

Automatically migrate all your websites no
matter how complex. You won’t experience
any downtime while you move to 10Web.

Single click migration

Get More Clients With Our

90+ PageSpeed Score

10Web guarantees a 90+ mobile and desktop
PageSpeed score for your store. We do that
automatically and provide you a unique tool
for getting more clients with no effort.

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Automatic 90+ PageSpeed Score
No credit card required

24/7 Live Chat Support

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WordPress question.

Pricing Plans

Automated Features on All Plans

Money Back Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Hidden Fees No Hidden Fees



$10/month Billed Annually $120/yr Billed Monthly


Hosted SiteFor more hosted websites, please upgrade to a higher plan.


$60/month Billed Annually $720/yr Billed Monthly


Hosted SitesGet more hosted websites
$6/mo Per Site
40K Visits
5GB SSD Storage
  • AI Builder

  • AI Recreation Assistant
    AI Recreation Assistant
    Get a fully functional copy of your website on WordPress using our AI Website Builder
  • Drag & Drop Live Editor Based on Elementor
    Drag & Drop Live Editor Based on Elementor
    Edit newly built websites using the 10Web Editor based on Elementor. Drag and drop widgets and customize them to your own unique style
  • Responsive Design
    Responsive Design
    Adapt any website you build to mobile, tablet or any other device with ease.
  • 50+ Basic & Pro Widgets
    50+ Basic & Pro Widgets
    We have enhanced Elementor with our 50+ premium widgets.
  • Theme Builder
    Theme Builder
    Turn any web page into a template with our AI Builder, all without copying a single line of code.
  • Automated Hosting on Google Cloud

  • Visits
    For every 10K extra visitors you’ll be charged an extra $2 at the end of the billing month Visits are measured by the total monthly traffic (unique IPs) to your site. These visits are shared across the plan.
  • Storage
    You’ll be charged an extra $2 at the end of the billing month for each extra 5GB used All servers use the fastest SSD storage on Google Cloud with built-in redundancy to ensure data integrity.
  • Real-Time Backups
    Real-Time Backups
    Automatic daily system level backups are conducted for all sites. You can restore a website with a single-click. Just click once and your website backup is ready.
  • Automated 1-Click Migration
    Automated 1-Click Migration
    Move your website to 10Web from any other hosting with just 1 click
  • Malware Removal Program
    Malware Removal Program
    Scheduled automatic scanning for security issues in your current versions of WordPress core, themes, plugins and unwanted changes made to your files.
  • SSL + SSH
    SSL + SSH
    10Web provides you with a free one-click SSL using Let’s Encrypt integration and SSH access to automate your workflow. You can also install your own SSL certificate.
  • 12 Datacenter Locations
    12 Datacenter Locations
    Choose between 12 global data center locations for each WordPress install. Your datacenter should be close to your visitors.
  • Website Optimization

WordPress host & builder that works

WordPress host & builder that works

This saves my time and the ability to build websites that are hosted by a team of amazing people working as hard as possible to help you relieves the stress I get with other services.

- Christopher Knightsbridge

Trustpilot rating

TrustScore 4.8 328 Reviews

Great WordPress hosting company

Great WordPress hosting company

Great WordPress hosting company! Tested many WordPress hosting services & this is by far the best one we’ve used so far. Best part about 10Web is the great customer support. Keep up the good work!

- Jon Ruigrok

Trustpilot rating

TrustScore 4.8 328 Reviews

Best platform ever for WordPress…

Best platform ever
for WordPress…

Best platform ever for WordPress hosting and maintaining the website. Really good, fast and friendly support. And it even helps you to improve your site ranking or speed.

- Robert Smid

Trustpilot rating

TrustScore 4.8 328 Reviews

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