This Agreement governs the domain name services provided by TenWeb Inc. (“10Web’) and is part of 10Web’s Terms Of Service (ToS). By using these services, You (as the term is defined in 10Web’s ToS) agree to this Agreement, 10Web Privacy Policy, Registrant Agreements and ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (listed herein by reference), and the respective Registrar policies, which together represent the entire Agreement between You and 10Web for the domain name registration services.


Services Overview

1. Registration and management

  • You can register domain names subject to availability and Registrar terms. 10Web cannot guarantee availability until registration is confirmed by 10Web. Domain management is accessible via the 10Web Dashboard, with specific terms for renewal and termination detailed therein.
  • Fees for registration and renewal are non-refundable. 10Web may extend to You credits to purchase domain names. The availability, discontinuation and specific terms applicable to such credits, if any, are at 10Web’s sole discretion.
  • The registration and use of a domain name are subject to the relevant Registrar terms and in case of any discrepancy between this Agreement and the relevant Registrar terms, the latter shall prevail. You understand that the Registrar may refuse registration of domain name and You acknowledge that 10Web has no responsibility for such refusal, if any.
  • 10Web may provide private domain name registration services as part of it’s domain registration service, subject to availability. If such service is provided to You, You understand and agree that 10Web is not responsible for your identity disclosure due to act and omissions of the Registrar.
  • If you wish to transfer your domain name, please contact us at [email protected].

2. Your Information

  • To register a domain name you will be required to provide certain information to us (“Registrant Information”).
  • The types of Registrant Information will be set out in your domain registration application.
  • By providing Registrant information, You represent and warrant the Registrant Information is true and accurate. Accurate and complete information is important. You must adhere to the Registrar’s and 10Web’s eligibility criteria and update Registrant Information as necessary. Failure to maintain accurate contact details can lead to domain suspension or termination. If You provide third party information for domain registration, You represent and warrant that You have the authority to bind such third party to this Agreement and have received their explicit prior consent to disclose and use their information. Some Registrars may require additional information during the domain name registration and/or renewal and in such cases 10Web or Registrar may contact you for such additional Registrant Information and/or reminders regarding your registrations and renewals.
  • Registration information will be made available to ICANN, Registrars, registries, and as legally required. You hereby consent to this collection, use, and disclosure as part of this Agreement.

3. Ownership

  • You acknowledge and agree that as a domain name registrant you are granted an exclusive right to use a domain name for a particular duration of time. The domain name registration confers no proprietary right for you or any other party.

4. Dispute Resolution

  • TenWeb is not involved in and will not involve in dispute resolutions between You and any third Party. Disputes over the registration and use of domain names shall be governed by ICANN’s Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy or the relevant ccTLD authority’s policies, as applicable.

5. References

6. Modifications

  • The terms of this Agreement may be updated in accordance with 10Web’s ToS.