Nare Navasardyan

Nare Navasardyan

Nare is a writer at 10Web. Particular interests lie in technologized otherworlds, human sense-making, and cyborgs of all kinds. In her free time she enjoys being a stereotypical lady of letters and verse and petting her black cat Shami.
Landing pages of 10We and Iphone on computer screen

10 Best Landing Page Examples That Convert (2022)

24 Min Read

A landing page is the first impression. It is specifically created to achieve a high rate of conversions. Here are 10 best Landing Page Examples That Convert ✅

Over a purple background, white text says "Top 10 WordPress backup plugins and solutions compared (2021). To the right, there are white plates with logos of different backup solutions.

Top 10 WordPress Backup Solutions and Plugins Compared (2022)

12 Min Read

Looking for your perfect backup solution? We have the top 10 of them for you to choose from.

What Is Incremental Backup and How Can I Benefit from It?

6 Min Read

Differential backup is a real space saver.💽 Learn the differences between full, incremental, and differential backup models to choose the one you can benefit from.

Masterlist of 40+ Podcasts Every Startuper Should Listen To

Masterlist of 40+ Podcasts Every Startuper Should Listen To

11 Min Read

Podcasting is a thriving industry with over $700 million in ad revenues that gets more and more popular every day. Thanks to constant evolution and experimentation, podcasts not only get more interesting, diverse, and informative, but also develop niches and specializations and attract more international audiences. Podcasts in the “Business” category are no exception. Moreover, if you’re a startuper, the…

WordPress Chatbots: How to Use Them to Boost Your Business

6 Min Read

Alexa and Mitsuki, Duolingo and CodeMonkey…You’ve likely used a chatbot and maybe even use one on the regular without considering using one for your own business. In the current age of automation, chatbots are an extremely useful and easy-to-create tool businesses use to achieve a whole range of different goals, from increasing the rate of customer satisfaction to inviting attention…

5 most crucial b2b marketing strategies to grow your business

5 Most Crucial B2B Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

7 Min Read

The digitalization of the world has changed the way we do B2B marketing forever. There are several reasons for this: Firstly, about half of all B2B buyers are millennials and they increasingly prefer online shopping to cold calls and face-to-face business. Secondly, B2B buyers now more than ever dedicate more time to consider their options, read reviews, and do in-depth…

Website with a 90+ PageSpeed score

Why Your Website Needs a Google PageSpeed Score of 90+

5 Min Read

Looking to improve your WP website’s Google PageSpeed Insights score? Here’s where you should aim and how you can reach it.

Most Reliable Backup Service For WordPress Websites

Meet the Most Reliable Backup Service For WordPress Websites

12 Min Read

There are numerous WP Backup services in the world. Find out which one is the most reliable WordPress backup solution for your business.

How to build a WordPress Business Website

How to Build a WordPress Business Website in 5 Easy Steps

8 Min Read

Does your business need a website? Learn how to effectively build a WP business website by just following these 5 easy steps!

10 Reasons Why Every Student Needs a Website

10 Reasons Why Every Student Needs a Website

7 Min Read

Why would a student need a website? Explore our list of 10 stellar reasons why you need a website if you’re still a student.

ui ux banner

Form Maker February 2019 Update: UI/UX, New Functionality, Bug Fixes

1 Min Read

Good news, Form Maker users! We’ve made some important updates and now the plugin is even better than it was. Here are the key points: UI/UX updates The biggest change is that now you can just drag a form field next to another and create a new column. Previously, having two form fields next to each other in a form…

staging website banner

What’s a Staging Website and How to Push It Live

2 Min Read

Wondering what’s the staging website and how to create your beautiful staging website 🤔? Here’s a quick detailed guide to everything staging.