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What’s a Staging Website and How to Push It Live


A quick detailed guide to everything staging.

How to Enable and Use Security Service by 10Web


Everything you need to know about turning on, setting up, and using 10Web security service.

How to Monetize Your Blog


A simple beginner’s guide to starting to monetize your blog.

How to Connect Your Website to 10Web


A quick guide to connecting your website to 10Web

10 Reasons Why You’re Doing Content Marketing Wrong


Content marketing is about creating content that fosters interest in a company’s products/services without explicitly promoting them through educating and entertaining the potential customer. It makes sense then that in the informational age content marketing is the marketing of the now – stats show high ROI and more and more companies engage in content creation for promotional aims. It doesn’t hurt that 84% of people expect brands to provide content that entertains, tells stories, provides solutions, and creates experiences and events, while 70% of consumers prefer to learn about products through content instead of traditional ad methods. However, when it comes to something as subjective and complex as content creation, there are a lot of ways you can go wrong. Let’s go through the most common content marketing mistakes so you can avoid them when braving the challenges of such an oversaturated field. 1. Not having clear cut strategy/metrics While…

10 Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Your Traffic


Not to get all Grinch-y on you, but with the approaching holiday magic also comes a great opportunity to boost your website traffic and drive conversions or simply connect and reconnect with your customer base. You don’t just need a holiday marketing campaign because everyone is out Christmas-shopping (or Hanukkah-shopping or etcetc). A thematic campaign is also a great way to show your brand’s originality and holiday spirit. Some irl holiday campaigns, such as Macy’s holiday windows, have been executed with such excellence that they have long ceased being just marketing campaigns, becoming an essential part of everyone’s annual Christmas story. The internet, a relative newcomer, remains open for your brand to take the holiday spotlight and become a case study in Christmas-iconic. Let’s discuss cool tips and tricks to make people joyfully click away. 1. Plan ahead for the holiday season December is a hectic time for most companies,…

How to Make a WordPress Website in an Hour: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


We’ve all heard of the elaborate checklist you need to tick off and the time-consuming process you need to go through to kick off your brand new WordPress website. Well, 10Web is here to change things up! You won’t need any tech skills or a sacrifice of a whole weekend. All you need is an hour and your secure and functional website will be live. Is the clock counting down the minutes already? Then let’s get started! Getting an account First off, you need to register here. In this example, I’m gonna go with Personal to make sure I take advantage of all offered 10 components, such as hosting, builder, and themes. Personal is more than enough for getting started with WP but if you run a whole enterprise or just want to host more popular sites, go with whichever plan better suits your needs. So, after you click “Choose…

Website Vintage: A Nostalgic Glance at the History of Site-Making


Bet I don’t have to remind you the exact sound of connecting to dial-up internet back in the 90s. All the brave web travellers of the day remember it with a hint of nostalgia: there it was, the promise of this strange international anonymous space holding many million times the info Library of Alexandria had contained. Finally, if only for a moment, it seemed that equalizing the informational field was gonna cause the final triumph of unity and understanding against hatred and division. But who am I kidding, the main reason for logging in was nothing like that. In truth, we were looking to learn the great art of trolling and chat with various pink_rabbit85s first and foremost. These days, as we can quite literally watch internet use grow like a cancer, as we ask ourselves if the neutrality of tech has made way for totalitarian surveillance by certain governments,…

How to Restart PHP and Change PHP Version on Your WordPress Site


This is a brief and easy guide on restarting PHP or changing the PHP version of your WordPress website.

How to Set Up Redirects on Your WordPress Site


Setting up redirects on your website will let you redirect any traffic your broken links get to functional webpages. Here’s a brief guide to everything redirect.


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