Teniola Fatunmbi

Teniola Fatunmbi

Professionally, I build full-stack web applications with JavaScript/TypeScript, Python and PHP. I currently work as a software engineer with a travel agency where most of work centres around managing existing legacy system in PHP and integration new features into an internal business management tool built with Python and Reactjs. In the past, I've worked with software development firms where I my responsibilities included architecting software development workflows and integrating custom features into existing systems based on clients' needs.
why wordpress is slow

Why is my WordPress Site so Slow? Complete Guide to Fixing it

25 Min Read

The page speed of any website largely determines the success of its purpose. Websites are a critical source of web presence, and WordPress websites constitute the majority of websites on the internet. When you grow your website with more content and your site engagements start increasing, you will at one point ask –“Why is my WordPress site so slow?”. Truthfully,…

How To Optimize a WordPress Website for Mobile Devices?

17 Min Read

54.4% of all internet traffic on the planet was generated by mobile devices in 2021. DataReportal reported that 55.4% of internet users made online purchases using their mobile devices in the same year. To top it off, 73.1% of web designers discovered that mobile optimization or responsive design is the main reason why visitors switch to another website. These figures…